Eddie and Jags traveled all the way to San Diego so they could talk to Dan Shaughnessy about the Red Sox. Shank was among the guests today and called David Ortiz “a huge sack of you know what”. He also said Manny is a perfect candidate to play in Petco Field. Other guests included “Michelle” a “flash girl” from the Playboy Channel. One item on the McDonough group was of interest. Sean said he was driving around listening to the local sports radio station and heard a spot on it that proclaimed them the “Highest rated sports radio station in the country”. He wondered where he had heard that before. They said they (WEEI) would never put something dishonest out there…

Mike Fine looks at the first game without Antoine. Rob Bradford catches up with Sam Cassell among others. Fine’s notebook looks at the defensive shortcomings last night. Gary Fitz has Walker proclaiming he’ll be back sooner, rather than later. Bradford also catches up with Bucks assistant Jim Todd and provides some useless information. (His description, not mine)

Mark Farinella tells us what he likes, and hates, as a reporter, about the Super Bowl.

The Hartford Courant has suspended sports writer Ken David for plagiarism.