Ho-hum. Another win, another scant crowd for the Bruins. The second lowest all time hockey crowd at the Fleet, (10,667) saw a team that Kevin Paul Dupont says might “actually have a shot at the Cup.” Stephen Harris says that this was the most impressive win of the season, given the decimated ranks. Dupont mentioned it, and Joe McDonald refers to the Bruins as a M*A*S*H* unit as well. Steve Conroy and Jim Greenidge look at Glen Murray, who scored the 200th goal of his career last night. Joe Gordon notes Brain Rolston’s value to the Bruins. Even Jackie MacMullen chips in with a hockey article, she profiles rising star Nick Boynton and his battle with diabetes. The notebooks are all filled with injury updates. Dupont’s in the Globe, Harris in the Herald, and McDonald in the Projo. I’m no hockey fan, I follow the team rather casually, just keeping up with their record in the standings and who the players are, that’s about it. But this team appears to have the grit, the pluckiness that should make it a favorite in this town, too bad for them that their owner and management continue to torque off their loyal fans. Karen Guregian praises the owner for his cheapness this past offseason, to her chagrin.

You’re Jim Donaldson. You can write short sentences. You can take a bunch of those sentences, string them together, and make a column out of them. You can submit that column to your editor and get paid for it. You’re getting a reputation as a guy who can’t write a decent column. Matt Light is under the spotlight today. Michael Felger and Kevin McNamara examine the second year tackle’s performance this year and compare it with what coach Belichick has to say about it, which is positive. Michael Smith writes about Vikings mammoth rookie left tackle Bryant McKinnie. Alan Greenberg gives the Patriots brass a “D” for last years offseason moves. If nothing else, Michael Gee is at least a prolific writer. Today’s column is that the last two weeks of November are the dog days for football. Christopher Price wonders if the Patriots can stop the Vikings big guns. Hector Longo writes that the Patriots have a few good men, but need more than that to turn things around. Smith’s notebook wonders what’s happened to Deion Branch. Felger looks at the double teams that Troy is seeing these days in his notebook. McNamara also looks at Brown and provides some Vikings material in his notebook. Elsewhere, Ian Clark reports that Antoine Womack will have to wait until next season to get on the field and that the Patriots will be wearing vintage uniforms with the old “Pat Patriot” logo on Thanksgiving day. Leigh Montville makes his picks wearing gloves.

Gerry Callahan decides this fine Friday before Thanksgiving that a column attacking Dan Duquette would be a good idea. This is after all, the time of year the Duke would be doing what Gerry says he did best, making poor free agent signings. He says these new owners, led by his hero Larry Lucchino won’t be making offers to over the hill free agents. They will, according to Callahan spend their money wisely, and not go after players like Roger Clemens. The words aren’t even out of his mouth before Tony Massarotti chimes in and says that the Sox have raised Clemens’ name in talks and have even spoken to his agents. Paul Doyle says, hmmm….maybe the Red Sox are going to make Theo Epstein their new GM. He notes that Epstein took the lead role for the Sox at the recent GM meetings. Not Mike Port. Jim Hennell catches up with NH resident Jim Beattie, who interviewed with the Sox this week.

Peter May writes that the Celtics are better equipped and prepared to handle a zone defense this year. Gus Martins expects the Hawks to present a stiff challenge to the Celtics this weekend. Martin’s notebook has Eric Williams preparing for the Hawks high scoring forward duo.

Jim Baker looks at the Albert family’s NFL broadcasts. Bill Griffith previews HBO’s coverage of tomorrow night’s Ward/Gatti rematch. Dan Shaughnessy writes a nice tribute to long time Globe and NBC Tennis commentator Bud Collins.

FSNE has Celtics/Hawks at 7:00. ESPN has Raptors/Sixers at 8:00 and Clippers/Nuggets at 10:30. NESN is showing the Globetrotters/Ohio State game at 7:30.