Ho-hum redux. Another boxing match, another Eddie Andelman remote. Today he was in Atlantic City. Jags was not alongside. How come only Eddie ever gets to go to these remotes? Does he pay his own way or something? Or does no one else want to go? Predictably the show was near-unlistenable. The Herald’s George Kimball was involved in the show, at least for a time. Butch Stearns, Nick Cafardo and Tim Fox made up the McDonough Group, Bruin Bryan Berard was one of the guests, meanwhile it was a Felger and Fred Football Friday with Ordway on the Big Showon WEEI.

Chad Finn digs up some interesting Bill James player projections from the past. Phil Plantier…A star for the 90’s….wow. But that was really the only one in the group he was way off on. (I also liked the back-handed swipe at Shaughnessy in there) Eric McHugh has a look at Bryant McKinnie. Tom King says Antowain Smith is ready – and raring to go. Chris Kennedy writes that Culpepper and Moss will be a tough combo to stop. McHugh’s notebook has Troy Brown hoping to bust out this weekend.

The Celtics announced today that the team has entered into a three-year partnership with Pepsi. The agreement features category exclusivity for all Pepsi soft drink products and also designates Pepsi’s Aquafina water brand as an official product of the Celtics. Can they now sign another player?

Several people have inquired about contributing articles to this site. I’m tossing around the idea of having a “fan guest column” maybe a couple times a week. The article wouldn’t appear on this front page, but it would be linked, and be archived as part of the site. I haven’t decided if I want to do this yet, but if anyone has input on this topic, let me know. What I do know is there are a lot of talented readers out there, who could produce some great stuff.