Drew Bledsoe was a morning guest of the James Brown show heard locally on WWZN this morning. Much of the conversation was about his foundation for good parenting, though he answered questions about Buffalo and New England. He was initially shocked by the trade, but then as he thought about it, and all the times he had been to Buffalo, he knew that he would really like it there. Last year, having to sit and watch really was a rebirth for him, as he realized how much he loves the game and how lucky he is to be doing this as his job. He said that Tom Brady is going to be a great player for a long time in this league. Eddie was joined by Tony Massarotti on his noon time show, (on remote at the Kowloon) the two of them had a spirited debate on whether Nomar wants to be here, and whether the Red Sox should try to sign him up right now for the long term. Hockey commentator Stan Fischler was a guest and things were hot for a few minutes as Eddie went head to head with him, mainly on the topic of Jeremy Jacobs. It seems Jacobs is very concerned about the struggles of the Buffalo Sabres, and is a major player behind the scenes in securing a stable ownership group. The reason? Jacobs owns the concessions in Buffalo and would stand to lose out if the franchise moved. They were late moving into that break period, and Eddie noted that he used to do a show “with that guy from Maine”, who was always on-time and getting on Eddie for that. He said it like it was a bad thing. Later the show was blessed by the lengthy appearances of two “Hall of fame” callers. At least one of whom will be co-hosting a program in the future. Can’t wait. Dale & Neumy bounced around a number of topics, ranging from Bruins, to Patriots, to the Victoria’s Secret show, to 007 girls. The Big Show’s first segment was highlighted by Steve Buckley evoking the name of Liza Minelli. Glen Ordway did some Celtics talk and praised the “brilliant” job that Jimmy O’Brien has done with the Celtics, he has taken a roster that was forced upon him, and crafted an offense around the parts that he has been given. He has gotten Pierce and Walker to buy into the scheme of having them pass more and find the open guys, usually Delk and Shammond Williams. Larry Johnson also praised the job Ftorek has done with an injury-racked squad. The McDonough Group had Butch Stearns as fill-in host, along with Kip Lewis and Pete Brock.

Eric McHugh looks at the visiting Vikings “triplets”. Tom King looks at what the Patriots are doing to get over the hump. Chris Kennedy says the Patriots know they need to start running the ball more. He also looks at Joe Andruzzi. McHugh’s notebook looks at the Vikings struggles on the road and provides injury updates. David Pevear looks at the 5-5 Patriots and asks around as to what they can do to repeat last year’s magic.

Mike Fine says that last night’s Celtics game was more beautiful and pleasurable to watch than the Victoria’s Secret special last or the Bachelor finale. Gary Fitz writes about last night’s dynamic duo for the Celtics. He also notes that this Celtics/Nets rivalry has potential, but it isn’t great yet. Rob Bradford has a look at the coming out party for Shammond Williams. Jeff Thomas says that this win was a total team effort. Fine’s notebook looks at the importance of last night’s win, and provides a few other notes of interest.

Aaron Schatz reviews the new “Pro Basketball Prospectus 2002” for the Boston Phoenix, the book, which is written by John Hollinger, contains extensive statistical analysis as well as commentary. For local application, Schatz notices that “Hollinger writes that Antoine Walker