So what’s the top story on a Friday during the bye-week for the Patriots? The World Series that begins tomorrow? The MLS championship game Sunday at Gillette? The Red Sox GM search? Bruins early season success on the road? Celtics preseason? None of the above? We’ll start with the Sox and their Homer-esque journey to find the GM of their dreams. It appears another name is scratched from the list, as Tony Massarotti and Michael Silverman team up in the Herald to write that the Yankees action in denying permission to the Sox to speak to Gene Michael was “a flagrant breach of baseball protocol.” Gordon Edes paints it more from the perspective that Michael withdrew his name from consideration, and at the end of his article throws out some little known names as potential candidates. David Heuschkel and Steven Krasner also report on the Red Sox rejection. A lot of talk in these articles about Michael being under contract for another year. Last week, Sean McAdam reported “a source close to Michael” as saying that he had been working without a contract since last season. I guess that source wasn’t as close as Sean thought.

Gerry Callahan says Barry Bonds is a sham, plain and simple. His premise is that you won’t hear in the World Series coverage on TV anything bad and Bonds or hints about possible steroid use. Dan Shaughnessy thinks out loud about the reasons everyone (read: the media) hates Bonds. He also throws out his thoughts on the World Series. The obligatory veiled curse reference is made in the last two sentences. Jeff Jacobs chats with Mike Port about the 1986 Angels team and the sad story of Donnie Moore.

Nick Cafardo criticizes the Patriots offseason acquisitions and moves. Rich Thompson has notes on the Patriots practice yesterday. Kevin McNamara writes on the need to feature the running game more. Leigh Montville hands out his weekly picks.

Peter May reports on the Celtics preseason game in Manchester last night. A very ugly breakdown of Baker’s preseason stats in there. Mark Murphy also notes Baker’s performance, and gives an encouraging update on Kedrick Brown’s injured ankle. Murphy also has an article on the Celtics top three point shooter of the preseason 7-2 Bruno Sundov. Dan Hickling tries to sort out the Celtics lineup, and it must’ve gotten by the editor that Rich Pond didn’t buy the Celtics. Lenny Megliola says the road ahead could be tough for Baker if he doesn’t get himself going.

How ’bout some good soccer talk? Frank Dell’Apa reports that Taylor Twellman plans to be in the lineup Sunday. Gus Martins looks at midfielder Daniel Hernandez. Joe Burris has an interesting article on goalkeeper Adin Brown, who is a Christian Scientist, and the decision he had to make to go against his faith to accept medical treatment for injuries. WEEI had Jonathan Kraft on the Dennis and Callahan program this morning, one of the questions Callahan asked was when is the league going to fold…

Bill Griffith reports on Mike Adam’s new WWZN show. Jim Baker focuses more on the World Series, and only mentions Adams in passing. Makes sense, as WWZN is closely aligned with the Globe. John Howell looks at the World Series coverage as well.

ATT3 has Patriots Football Weekly at 7:30. FSNE has a New England hockey doubleheader. BU/Vermont at 7:00 and UNH/Minnesota at 10:00. ESPN has Fresno State/Boise State college football at 8:00.