Mike Adams is going to be named as host of a 6:00 – 10:00 AM show on WWZN, starting on Oct 31. Initially at least, he’ll have no co-host, but will have a different guest/co-host each morning. You may recall Mike Adams was a runaway winner of a recent poll on this site as to which part-time radio host most deserved a full time gig.

Adams did the 2:40 sports update on WWZN and announced his new show officially at that time.

The Herald web site finally came up during mid-morning. Kevin Mannix says Tom Brady doesn’t mind carrying the offensive load. In his notebook, Mannix looks at the possibility of adding Orlando Brown to the O-Line mix. Michael Gee tells us that “The defending Super Bowl champs have gotten wussier by the week.” Eric McHugh has a look at an unshaken Tom Brady, and his notebook has Belichick again looking at improving the one on one matchups.

Rob Bradford examines the shorthanded Celtics lack of depth on the front line. Vin Baker promises he’s going to be settled in and making an impact by the season opener, says Mike Fine. Over at the up and down Herald, Mark Murphy has two articles, one on Walter McCarty, and another similar to Fine’s on Vin Baker. Ralph Ranalli has a sad article on the Reggie Lewis foundation closing its doors.

Coleman C. Connelly has the story about the Babe Ruth Home Run award that was also done by Jackie MacMullan. Michael Silverman looks at the Gene Michael possibility, and speculates on where Lou Pinella could end up. (Not Boston)

Anyone seen Michael Holley lately? If not, it’s likely he was tailing around Bill Belichick. From what I’ve been told, Holley has requested and been granted a leave of absence from the Globe in order to write an all-access book on the Patriots. He’s even allowed on the sideline during the games. If this is true, the Globe will miss his columns while he’s away. Holley is one of the few columnists in Boston who doesn’t turn nasty. (Bob Ryan is another) He’ll criticize where it is due, but he doesn’t attack. That’s a nice change in this town. Will McDonough confirmed the book and Holley’s absence from the Globe on WWZN this afternoon.

On WWZN, Dave Jageler was joined by Mike Ratte and Nick Cafardo. An early guest was Shammond Williams of the Celtics. One of the topics was Larry Izzo being upset with Nick for writing that when the ball was ripped out of Izzo’s hands on the fumble recovery Sunday that the other guy wanted it more than Izzo. Chris Collins and Larry Johnson joined Glen Ordway on the Big Show and as has been the case much of the day, Donald Hayes and his statements in the Globe today have been a major topic. Collins and Johnson feel Hayes should be cut, and perhaps shouldn’t even have made the team out of training camp. Sean and Will McDonough were joined by Pete Brock and Kip Lewis on the McDonough group. Sean mentioned in the opening chat with Adams that Borges has been slotted for the new 10-12 show. My thoughts are that when there is a midday show brought in, there will be some reshuffling of the deck and the times of the shows will be all changed a bit. Will McDonough feels the Patriots will still make the playoffs, they’ve just lost their way for a bit.