After giving in and writing a positive article yesterday, Ron Borges reverses field, and taking a cue from Belichick, says hold on, it’s too early to say this team is good. He reveals that he’s feeling the heat from fans, and lashes out: “Had those words come from anyone in the media, they would be dismissed by Patriot Nation as the negative babblings of someone on a jealous vendetta. The author of such words would be attacked by Feeble-minded Fred from Framingham or Fresh Frank from Franklin as someone with a personal agenda. The speaker would be accused of being the football equivalent of Benedict Arnold.”

Dan Shaughnessy’s column about Pedro’s Cy Young quest today came with the following disclaimer: (Note to readers: Feeling a little lazy today. Might not be my best columnist effort. But the bosses don’t mind. As long as I hit on one out of every three, I don’t have to try all the time. When I appear uninterested, Globe management will tell you, ”That’s just Danny being Danny.”)

Nice Manny swipe…The sad part is, Dan is joking. Many Globe readers will tell you that Dan has been lazy and not giving his best effort two out of every three columns for years now.

Gerry Callahan writes about Tom Brady’s rise to greatness. Karen Guregian complains that this Patriots team gives no cause for complaining. Bill Reynolds wonders if it’s going to continue to be this easy. Kevin Mannix hands out high marks across the board in his report card. Nick Cafardo looks at the coordinators as head coaching candidates. He mentions Eric Mangini and Dante Scarnecchia as possible future coordinators. You could add Ivan Fears and Rob Ryan to that list. From this Paul Kenyon article this morning, it appears Richard Seymour could be in some hot water with his (humble) teammates and coaches. Cafardo has a voluminous notebook. Mark Murphy writes about the new parts chipping in. Rich Thompson has Belichick warning to remember the Colts.

John Tomase tells us that Manny is not a distraction or even a problem with this Red Sox team. Gordon Edes tries hard to make yesterday’s doubleheader interesting. Peter May writes about Nomar’s struggles to return to his own his standards, as does Tony Massarotti, who says something is amiss. How bad has Frank Castillo been? Jeff Horrigan writes that he was no match for Tallet who was making his major league debut. Horrigan’s notebook has Dr. Pappas stepping down and Manny being named Co-Player of the week in the AL. Has any athlete won player of the week while talk shows are trying to run him out of town? Edes also writes in his notebook about Tony Clark thinking of hanging it up.

Kevin Paul Dupont writes about young right wing prospect Martin Samuelsson, as does Stephen Harris. They also both write about the visit by referees yesterday. First Harris, then Dupont.

Jim Baker gives us the numbers from Sunday. Bill Griffith looks at ESPN’s new prime time entertainment programming. In John Molori’s media blitz, he curiously gives Eddie Andelman space to promote himself, and to call WEEI “a sewer of bad people”. He also looks at the low-budget AT&T 3