Gerry Callahan is infuriating at times, today he is dead-on. Last year it was Everett and Duquette’s fault. Now who does the media go after? Steve Buckley says this team has been mediocre, but hasn’t resorted to the low depth hit by last year’s club. Right. Last year’s club. Everett, Duquette, et all. Much is in the eye of the beholder. Example? How about Trot Nixon last night, after chasing a foul ball, and being unable to get it, he backhands a fan’s beer that was on the rail, obviously spilling it. Nothing in the papers today about this that I’ve seen. Now, someone tell me…just what would have been the reaction today had Carl Everett done that very same thing. Likely there would have been several articles on it this morning, calling him a monster and a disgrace, If Shaughnessy was on vacation, he’d have dropped everything and immediately fired off a nasty column. (Like he did when Offerman was cut) Nixon doesn’t even get mentioned, and if the incident does come up in the near future, it will only be about how “intense”, and “hard nosed” and a “gamer” Trot is. Bob Hohler’s Notebook comments that “Manny Ramirez, who leads the league with a .443 average with runners in scoring position, has driven in 27 runs in his last 22 home games.” Someone please place that line in front of Eddie “let’s-sue-Manny-for-non-performance” Andelman.

Jackie MacMullan jumps aboard the Globe’s bash Bill Belichick bandwagon. Dennis and Callahan (having a remarkably lucid show the parts I heard) were right about this story. There shouldn’t be any room for just appreciating a guy because he’s a good guy…it should be all about performance, all about winning. This whole Globe bit with their writers whining about how Bill Belichick treats people is silly…do they want him to be Pete Carroll? Do they want a return to those days? Perhaps. Michael Felger, Nick Cafardo and Tom Curran report on the Ted Johnson situation. Leigh Montville gives his picks for the week, Cafardo has a decent notebook. Eric McHugh looks at the Ted Johnson story too.

Kevin Paul Dupont has the story of Doug Goodwin, who was featured on ESPN’s 25,000 Sportscenter. Goodwin had a heart transplant last September 11, and awoke to a new world.

Jim Baker checks in with the Channel 4 team on the upcoming Patriots season. Bill Griffith expands on that by looking at all the NFL programming on radio and TV. Griffith also looks at the Sox move off Fox.

Could George Karl’s year get any worse? First his Bucks, favored to win the Eastern Conference, don’t even make the playoffs, and now his United States team is out of Gold Medal contention. Bob Ryan reports on the game. Shira Springer reports on local guy Travis Best snubbing the Celtics and going to Miami.

The Pittsburgh writers are clearly polar opposites to the Boston writers, Pittsburgh writers like Ed Bouchette, who appeared on Dennis and Callahan this morning are unabashed homers. Bouchette was essentially saying the same things many of the Steelers players have been, namely that special teams touchdowns are flukes, that Kordell Stewart had played so well all year, his two interceptions at the end were flukes, he said the Steelers have the edge over the Patriots because they have a better backup QB…since when is XFL MVP Tommy Maddux better than Damon Huard?

Fox25 has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. TBS has Expos/Braves at 7:30. ESPN has Diamondbacks/Giants at 10:30. ATT3 has “Patriots Football Weekly” at 7:30.