Dennis and Callahan had Dr. Charles Steinberg standing in for Larry Lucchino this week. The hot topic was the new Yawkey way concourse. Dale & Neumy had the Touchdown twins on and there was a lot of speculation and talk about Ted Johnson and just what’s up with him. Initial speculation was perhaps he was unhappy with his contract or his role in the game plan. Peter King joined the show and suggested that perhaps Johnson was leery after suffering the concussion he suffered in a preseason game, and may be considering his future. On WWZN, the McDonough group had Sean with Kip Lewis and an ill Nick Cafardo, who sounded strikingly like Michael Smith. Cafardo had the news around 4:35 that Ted Johnson left because he was told that he would not be on the 45 man active roster for the Monday night game. Also on the show, Borges called in to again affirm his position that the league approved Jamal Anderson’s papers. Again this is in firm opposition to two sources that I have that are very familiar with the situation and league procedures who say that that the league did not receive or approve this supposed contract. Someone isn’t telling the truth, and the people I’m in contact with have no reason to defend Belichick. Cafardo not surprisingly concurs with Borges on this matter.

From the Hartford Courant today, an angle not really covered in any Boston paper, Mike Port blows off a little steam and lays some blame around for this season. Sounds like a guy who knows he isn’t going to be around very long. Didn’t get enough “Caddyshack” quotes yesterday? Bill Simmons has part II. It’s official…Red Sox over-air games next year will be broadcast on UPN38 and WBZ4. It will be fascinating to see how the broadcast teams shake out.