A couple notes from Saturday…interesting to learn that “Doug” Brees will be taking over as QB in San Diego. Patriots All Access on WCVB had that name, not just verbally, but also in a graphic. Looks like they were trying to cover both angles, but perhaps Doug Flutie and Drew Brees are so close they have in fact morphed into one starting QB. Second, on NECN’s Sports Late Night, Chris Collins had an interview with Will McDonough. McDonough stated that when the Sox were 20 games over .500 back in early June that he said they would not make the playoffs. His reasoning was that through that time, they had just fattened up on the other AL East teams, and “hadn’t played the west coast teams yet, which are the best teams in the American League this year, then you say when they get around to playing those guys we’ll see how good they are, and it turns out they weren’t very good.” Guess Willy forget that from May 7 through the 19th, they played exclusively Oakland and Seattle, both here and there, and took 8 out of 12 games. Where they started to fall apart was during interleague play. He said Manny would be the only second half all star on the team, and then went on to say: “Manny’s what wrong with baseball and guys who cover baseball” you just look at the stats and say he had a good season but “he terrible in the field, he can’t run and he can’t throw and most of the time is he hits a ground ball that he thinks is an out he’s just going to trot down to first base.” He’s a one-tool player, but McDonough doesn’t know if Mussina would have been a good signing either. He thinks the Red Sox should “just DH Manny, do as little damage as they can, it’s bad enough that he won’t run to first, just absolutely keep him off the field, there has got to be people better on the bench.” They should trade the stars, they will not win the World Series with this team, and they have nothing in the minor leagues. Retool this thing all over. Get rid of Manny, Nomar and Pedro.