Michael Felger reports that Ted Johnson has left the Patriots. Looks like Felger got a scoop on this one. Pretty good for a guy who’s only been covering the team three days. Should we look for an article tomorrow from Borges telling us that Johnson left because of Belichick? Tom Curran looks at the posturing on both sides between the Patriots and Steelers. The Herald has its NFL preview today, with a plethora of Patriots and NFL related articles. There are stories about the old stadium, the new stadium, the coach, the players, former players, and Monday Night Football. The Globe has one football article today, a Michael Smith look at Mike Vrabel. Jim Donaldson doesn’t get the oddsmakers. Mike Reiss makes the point that this team is not all about Tom Brady. Mark Farinella has more of the Steelers whines…Chad Finn doesn’t want to lose J.R. Redmond.

Sean McAdam has a few Sox still in denial. Dan Shaughnessy throws around some blame, but like the rest of the Boston media, gives Mike Port a big back rub. Some below for more analysis of this column.Gordon Edes has a lengthy piece on Port, and is careful not to give him all the credit for the mid-season moves, noting that Doug Melvin did much of the work on the Floyd deal and that Theo Epstein likely used his San Diego connections on the Embree deal. A pretty objective piece by Edes. Jeff Horrigan gets Pedro’s opinion of Roger coming back to the Sox next year. Steve Buckley writes about that “bow wow” John Burkett. (Just say it, and call him a dog, Buck.)

Didn’t Bob Ryan tell us to watch out for Argentina yesterday? Shira Springer reports on the Celtics chasing Travis Best now that Erick Strickland has signed with Indiana.

Michael Holley weighs in with his thoughts on many topics, including those who whine about Manny.

Walt from Hudson gives this opinion of Shaughnessy’s column today:

“Classic Shaughnessy mail-in column today. Was written last year and countless other years at this time with just a few name changes. Reminds me of that old ‘Mad-Lib’ game where you insert different words into blank spaces of already written material:

The requisite 1918 references: 5 times; 1918, Bambino, 1918, 1918, Babe Ruth
Boomer pop culture references: soft parade (Doors), Hell’s Angels (Altamont),
Name calling: Grady Gump, Joggin Manny Ramirez, harvesting the lower 40, meatball artist
Two of his all-time Hall of Fame crutches: an Animal House reference and the 67 Red Sox
Miscellaneous crutch pads: Mass House of Reps, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob, Jose Offerman, John W. Henry, etc.”

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NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. ESPN has Giants/49ers at 8:30. ESPN2 has “Farewell to Foxboro” at 6:00. ESPN Classic has a Bill Parcells “Sports Century” at 8:00 and 11:00. TNT has the quarterfinals of the World Championships with the USA coming off it’s first loss in 58 games.