So…Ron Borges did it again. He was back on WWZN this afternoon calling Bill Belichick a liar. He’s back to the Jamal Anderson signing/nonsigning. This is what Borges claims happened: (Perhaps not in this particular order)

1) Patriots signed Jamal Anderson
2) Anderson passed physical
3) Papers submitted to league offices
4) Papers approved
5) Anderson placed on Patriots roster
6) Anderson remained on roster through the following afternoon.
7) Belichick goes on WEEI to confirm signing and that he is indeed on the roster.
8) Anderson fails conditioning test, and is dropped from roster, Belichick lies and says the deal was never done.

Borges insulted McDonough for disagreeing with him. Told him he was 100% wrong and had both feet in his mouth for disagreeing.

I poked around a little bit, and talked to my own “sources” at least one of whom was in touch with the league about this matter. The league said that they had no idea what this was all about. The source first heard that the deal was off sometime after 10:00 at night. Contracts are submitted to the league by 4 p.m. each day. If it’s not there by 4:00, it goes to the next day. If the source didn’t didn’t get a call until 10:00 or so, that led the source to believe 4:00 p.m. had come and gone with no deal and that they were signing it that night provided Anderson passed his conditioning test, which he could not by his admission and the team’s.

Additionally, if Jamal Anderson was officially a Patriot, there would have been transactions through the league that would have gone out. Not from the Pats — but from the NFL. Does Borges think the league will cover up the fact that Anderson had signed and if so, why so? The point does need to be made that sometimes teams will send out announcements of something first…in the form of an e-mail, etc. But the real transactions that the public sees (signings, cut lists, etc.) come from the league. The public never saw a transaction listing Anderson signing with the Patriots.

My second source confirmed this by saying simply this: “The Anderson contract was never turned into the league. You can take that to the bank.”

If anything, the Patriots were guilty of jumping the gun and talking about Anderson before the deal was official. Borges has jumped on this incident, accusing the head coach of being a disingenuous liar. He using this as part of his agenda to discredit the coach as well as to make himself look better, because he cannot admit that he was all wrong in his criticisms of Belichick last year. The amazing part is just how cantankerous Borges gets when someone dares to challenge him on this. A lot of bluster, it seems.