Predictable….Ron Borges came onto WWZN during the Eddie and Jag man show, and gave his defense for his shot at Belichick in his Globe column this morning by saying that Bobby Grier set up the draft board in 2000, so essentially it was Grier that picked Greg Robinson-Randall, not Belichick. By that logic, Belichick should be trying to get Tom Brady out of here too, since he was taken in that same draft…

Andelman opened the program with a shouting tirade over the Red Sox. He is not taking it anymore from the Red Sox. Down the dial, WEEI is having its first edition of “Patriots Monday”, though since D&C have just returned from being on vacation, they didn’t have Tom Brady on. The Big Show was manned by Smerlas and DeOssie alongside Ordway. Much of the first hour was spent discussing the Borges and what DeOssie said to him last night. A caller, “Pete” spent time trying to defend Borges, but was shut down by the hosts. On WWZN, Rico Petrocelli and Michael Smith joined Sean McDonough at 3:00.

In his Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King writes that Terrell Davis should not be in the Hall of Fame. Peter May, in his side gig for, targets Orlando as his team to watch in the NBA’s Atlantic division. He opines that the Celtics might have taken a step back this offseason. Michael Silverman, moonlighting for The Sporting News, files his Red Sox team report. Marty Steeves takes an in-depth look at Gillette Stadium and some of its imperfections. Steeves, (Aka The Mooseman) does so while still appreciating what a marvel this new facility really is.