Dan Shaughnessy has a poignant remembrance of Dick O’Connell. Articles like this show that when Dan plays it straight, he’s a very gifted writer. He gets quotes from Red Auerbach, Jim Lonborg and Mike Port among others. Tony Massarotti also has a piece on the former Sox GM, Tony gets much of his material from Johnny Pesky. Massarotti also writes about Grady Little having a bit of an edge to his voice last night. Gordon Edes’ game story has many members of the Sox wondering why they can’t get going.

Tom Curran looks at the Patriots offensive struggles. Kevin Mannix says there are reasons for the lack of production. Michael Felger says if called on, Damon Huard will do the job just fine. If Mannix and Ron Hobson are the “touchdown twins”, then does that make Globe scribes Ron Borges and Nick Cafardo the “touchback twins”? In Borges’ effort today he can’t resist getting in shots at those who “breathlessly anointed rookie receiver Deion Branch the next Cliff Branch.” and also at Coach Belichick:

“Some inside the organization whisper putting Jones ahead of Robinson-Randall is one of the game’s dirty little secrets that everyone knows but few acknowledge. It is simply this: The new guy will quickly install the guys he drafted ahead of the guys his predecessors drafted because, after all, he’s smarter than they were or he wouldn’t have their job.”

Guess what, Ron…Belichick drafted BOTH Robinson-Randall and Jones…Why does Borges hate Belichick so much? To quote Borges himself…Nobody knows…but Steve DeOssie probably came closest to defining why on Sports Final last night. Meanwhile the second half of the touchback twins, Nick Cafardo writes that Belichick isn’t happy with the teams performance and will be keeping them in Rhode Island, rather than breaking camp.

John Molori’s Media Blitz looks at efforts to honor Tom Heinsohn and Mike Gorman as the longest running broadcasting duo in sports. Bob Halloran lists out things that he does not know. Except for a few gratuitous shots at the old Red Sox management, Peter Gammons is pretty much dead-on in his appraisal of the labor situation.

ABC has Broncos/49ers preseason football at 8:00 tonight. Last chance to see the retiring Terrell Davis. ESPN Classic has game 5 of the 1999 divisional playoff between the Red Sox and Indians at 9:00. If you’re feeling down about the Red Sox, that game is sure to lift your spirits.