Lots of good stadium talk dominating the papers this morning. Jackie MacMullan informs us there is still Shawmut Center stuff floating around out there. Michael Gee says its great to have Gillette back with sports and dates himself big time. Michael Smith tells us the eatin’ is good at the new place, even when the lights go out. Michael Felger further chronicles some snags that need addressing. Another Globe article tells us that the new security facilities are inadequate.

Felger also collects Patriots reaction to the Raiders walkout of a meeting with League Officials, in protest of the tuck rule call. Some amusing quotes in there from Milloy, Brady, and Larry Izzo, who said: ““We all had a real good laugh over that one. Especially over Terrance (Shaw, former Pats DB) I can just see him, storming out of the room, hiding his ring, saying, `Screw his.” Felger also reports the not-so-amusing word of Troy Brown having his knee “tweaked” yesterday. In his notebook, Nick Cafardo gives us quite a bit of information, including the Pats providing the Dolphins some bulletin board material. Tom Curran looks at rookie Jarvis Green.

Tony Massarotti compares Pedro and Lowe. Michael Silverman has a anonymous scout giving his opinion of the Sox pickups. Kevin Paul Dupont offers us a lengthy feature on A’s shortstop Miguel Tajada. Sean McAdam has Red Sox thoughts on a possible strike.

Jim Baker talks about Chick Hearn, and gives us the moments that amused him on-air this weekend.

I first heard about this possible Sam Cassell to the Celtics deal over the weekend as it was being discussed on an online board. Chad Ford of ESPN Insider has picked it up. The price Ford has is Eric Williams and a first round draft pick. We know one thing. Tommy Heinsohn would love it, He might even forget about Walter. He loves Sam. No mention in the local media about this yet.

A couple new features added to the board. I now have thumbnail bios of the major Globe and Herald sports writers. Other media outlets will be similarly outlined in the future, and an additional new feature for this site is expected to be up shortly as well.

NESN has A’s/Red Sox at 7:00. TBS has Braves/Diamondbacks at 10:00.