Mike Adams and Kevin Mannix once again filled in on the Dale & Neumy show, and as is always the case with Adams, the show was entertaining. The main theme throughout was “The five all time Yankees you hate the most.” As you can imagine, that topic brought a lot of response. The usual suspects were brought up, Mickey Rivers, Thurman Munson, Roger Clemens, as well as guys like Walt “no neck” Williams, (who only played parts of two season with the Yankees) and Scott Brosius. They talked to Rangers TV analyst Tom Grieve, who was interesting to listen to, he got on Mike Mussina’s case because the Moose said he had “good stuff” in that beating he took from the Rangers the other night. Grieve is also a former player who criticized the current players association for their stances. He noted that when he went on strike in ’72, he was making $10,000 a year and they were striking because they wanted a pension plan, which they didn’t have. The public was on their side then. Nowadays, it is totally different, and the players association is being out right greedy. Just before they went off the air, Adams and Mannix also had the story of the suspensions from the Orioles/Red Sox brawl. Upon hearing about them, an outraged e-mailer called the commissioners office, and sent me this report of what happened:

“I called the commissioner’s office to express my outrage over the Baltimore-brawl suspensions. I…asked for Bob Watson’s office. I was connected and asked for an explanation for the suspensions, most notably Lowe’s. The responses were weak. When I said the office has made decisions to hurt the Red Sox and help the Yankees time after time this year (and before), the person said, “Why did El Duque get suspended two weeks ago?” Only Yankee fans call Hernandez “El Duque.” Besides, “El Duque” got thrown out of the game in a clear retaliation pitch–actually, it was pitches, but who’s counting? (obviously not Bob Watson–too high a number, I guess) Anyway, when I asked why Clemens wasn’t suspended for either hitting Mike Piazza in the head or hitting Barry Bonds (after saying ahead of time that he would), the person said, “Thank you for your call.” I told him he and his office “were doing a great job.”

Meanwhile, on WWZN Eddie’s old crony Jack wandered into the studio and then was used to help conduct an interview with Ted Johnson. Butch Stearns filled in on the McDonough group and used an extremely lame (and old) joke. …There is a huge going-away party for Jose Offerman up in Braintree, our producers have managed to get a microphone in the party, let’s go there and listen in….then dead air. “oh, there’s no one there..big surprise…” Rico Petrocelli (making his WWZN debut) and Michael Smith filled out the panel.

On the Big Show, host Greg Dickerson (Not included on the poll because he has a nightly TV gig, as do Butch Stearns and Mike Giardi. John Rooke and Steve Burton are weekend guys) was joined by Michael Felger and Levan Reid. The hot topic was the suspensions. A less than impressive caller attempted to tell his story of calling the commissioners’ office like the above example and was ridiculed off the air.

Bill Simmons sent out his first “Sports Guy” Newsletter in some time. In it, he gives his opinion that the Baker move by the Celtics was part of a preparation to sell the team by Paul Gaston. He also mentioned this on WWZN yesterday. He gives a wrapup of the Celtics spring and has some thoughts on the Red Sox. You can sign up for future editions of the newsletter by clicking on the link in the right had column.

After watching John Burkett get his brains beat in last night. Boston City Beat magazine publisher Steve Dakota Happas is convinced the Sox need a 3rd starter. He gives his vote for Julian Tavarez.