Each of the Red Sox new acquisitions appeared on Boston Radio this afternoon.

Cliff Floyd came on WEEI, and said that he’s glad to get off the turf and coming to Boston is a great situation. It’s a great place for the future, he loves John Henry as a owner. He lived up to his word back with the Marlins (to reacquire Floyd) Oakland (who also tried to trade for him) didn’t make the hard push. He loves the big crowds and with guys like Nomar, Manny and Damon, he’s just trying to fit himself into this little puzzle. Down the line he thinks he can play first base in the future, but needs to work on it, be trained to do it again. Right now he’ll just stay out in the outfield and DH, but might take a few balls, mess around over there (at first) hasn’t talked to “skip” yet about it. Just wants to contribute. There will be a little bit of an adjustment with the pitchers in the new league. More off speed types here. Chan Ho was throwing sliders when he was up 12-1 last night. It’s a blessing to have Tommy Harper around. Couldn’t ask for a better situation, and he loves him to death, Harper kept him in the Big leagues. He thought about quitting, but he and Felipe Alou helped him change his stance, and he feels good up there since. Only has 13 steals, but he’s a smart stealer, if you need a run in the eight inning, he’s going to get it for you. He’s looking to finish the season strong. Asked how he would vote about a strike he said NO. Definitely against it. He’s missed the meetings they’ve had because of being traded twice, but things feel better now than a few weeks ago.

Bob Howry was on WWZN:

Howry described himself as not exactly power pitcher, a guy in between. Not a big strikeout guy, going to get a lot of ground balls. A players strike is furthest thing from his mind, couple of days from setting date, will focus on it then. It’s not guaranteed to happen, good chance we can get something worked out. Grady told him to be ready for anything after the fifth inning, different roles, he’ll be ready for that. Arriving yesterday, with the Offerman blow up, Howry said it already was going to be weird in new uniform. Talk some about where he’s from, Phoenix. His perception of the Boston fans and press, he never had to talk to the press much, as for the fans, he can tell they’re loyal to the team. Team seems to be a good bunch of guys. Tough to judge after one game. As far as being ready tonight, he’s ready every night.

Catching instant replay on WEEI, Scott Pioli was on with Dennis and Callahan this morning. Belichick comes up the motivational ideas, the Shackleton movie last year, Bill Russell this year. Talked about the research into “character guys”. Last season, lot’s of DL’s out there, and they did thorough research on him, try to determine how important football is to the player. A person who is academically ineligible even once, that means football might not be that important to the player. Seymour was very different from the other candidates out there. Even though others thought he might not be that great because he had other good players with him on the line at Georgia, the Patriots didn’t think that way. Thought very highly of him, same with Graham this year. They hope Brady will continue to get better, he different personnel around him. The Patriots have signed the most veteran free agents the last two years. A lot of change. Biggest loss? Too early to tell, don’t know if someone will replace Cox’s role as leader.