A lot happening, but just quick links this morning. I’ll likely have a radio wrapup for the afternoon. I’m hoping to spend a few days adding some more features to the site, some brief thumbnail bios of Boston Sports Media figures, and another thing or two.

So how predictable was Shaughnessy’s column today? Offerman’s release and clubhouse tirade yesterday inspired him to write a big “I told you so” while on vacation. Gee, thanks Dan. Way to put yourself out.

Shira Springer gives us a lengthy feature on Vin Baker. Gerry Callahan tells us that Bud Selig is a screw-up. Kevin Paul Dupont has an interesting tale of relics from a mostly forgotten team in Boston history, the Boston Royal Giants.

Since this has seemed to be fill-in week on Sports Radio, there is a new poll asking who most deserves a full time gig.

Fox25 has Red Sox/Rangers at 8:00. TBS has Cardinals/Braves at 7:30.