Celtics news in the papers today, but curiously, no real recaps of the game. Instead, we have a depressing article from Peter May, who says “Rogers? All but gonzo, possibly to Philadelphia. Erick Strickland? Gonzo as well” The issue is the dreaded luxury tax. Darren Rovell who covers sports business for ESPN.com, writes that some owners would like to ditch the luxury tax and extend the current CBA another four years. He mentions that more teams in the west seem willing to go into the tax, and it’s part of the cause for the inbalance between the east and west. Steve Bulpett reports that the C’s might go into the luxury tax even without signing Rogers to the minimum. He also reports on the “Big O” Oliver Miller. Jackie MacMullan also writes about Miller. Bulpett also writes about J.R. Bremer , who the Celtics actually signed up yesterday, keeping him from other teams.

The Red Sox big bats finally awakened yesterday. Jeff Horrigan writes about Manny constantly contradicting himself. In that respect he is much like the media that covers him. In a minor-league notebook, Michael Silverman says that perhaps the Sox farm system isn’t as bad as everyone says it is. Mostly the result of “posturing” by opposing clubs. How about the local media? Could their hated for Dan Duquette have anything to do with their constant trashing of the farm system? Nah. The Globe has no less than five articles on the Ted Williams will/estate/cryonics issue.

Michael Felger debuts the first in a series looking at how the Patriots stand at each position. Today’s piece is the offensive line. With the impending MLB work stoppage approaching, it’s good to start getting football articles. CBS Sportsline.com has their preseason look at the Patriots. Very thorough and very good. Be sure to check the “Notes, quotes, anecdotes” and “Inside slant” sections as well.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. ESPN has Giants/Cardinals at 7:00, ESPN2 has Marlins/Braves at 7:00. ESPN also have Hawks/Bucks NBA Summer League action at 2:00.