weekly radio show PFW in progress was on from 12-1 today. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, at least one of the panelists there feels the Pats are in for 8-8 season. It’s a good, informative show, that’s worth a listen. Send an E-mail and it’s almost guaranteed to be read.

Some golf talk mixed with baseball on WEEI’s Dale and Neumy. The Big Show had Buckley and Radatz alongside Ordway and the first segment talked about the upcoming “mediabowl” to take place tomorrow at CMGI field. The Print media against the Broadcast media. Should be a riveting matchup. If Scott Zolak suits up for the broadcast team as rumored, it could be a runaway for the Broadcast crew. They moved onto talking about the Red Sox, their hitting woes. Radatz boiled it down to Manny is not trying and Nomar must be hurt. Typical. Buckley gave a mocking, whining, “Manny being Manny” line as his “excuse” for his “not trying”. They then briefly discussed the strike. It appears to be certain and the date being bandied about is September 16. The Union feels that will be after the September 11 ceremonies and they won’t come under fire then. Plus the added advantage of only missing one paycheck. Ordway commented on those who say that they want the strike to be catastrophic and that all of next season is wiped out and they come back in 2004 under an entirely new system. Ordway disagreed with that, saying that many people will not return after that, and if you truly love the game of baseball you need to hope for a quick resolution. Ordway pointed out that this scenario is different because there are really three parties involved, the players, the have-owners and the have-not-owners.

WWZN’s McDonough Group had Mike Giardi with Gordon Edes and Kip Lewis. They had Tom Verducci of CNN/SI who appears to have been the one to put out the September 16 date. He didn’t say that would be the date for certain, could really be anytime. There is a long way to go, and a deal can be done, but they need to get together and do it. There really isn’t a whole lot separating the sides. They agree on alot, it’s just about getting the money close.

A question for you out-of-towners. Tell me your experiences with DirecTV and MLB Extra Innings. I’ve heard frustrations on this front. FOX25 isn’t part of the DirectTV network so that any games on there are not shown on DTV. How do you check to see if the game is going to be on and what channel? Is it often that a game is scheduled but not shown? I’m not too knowledgeable about this field, so as many as can fill me in, please do so.