There is a blurb about a possible trade rumor involving the Celtics making the rounds. ESPN Insider is free for today (If subscribe for $39.95 today you get a free Peter Gammons bobblehead doll…do try to contain your excitement) and in their NBA Rumor Central they report:

“Jul. 11 – The Pacers have talked with the Celtics about a trade that would send Croshere and Jamaal Tinsley to the Celtics for Kenny Anderson. The Pacers like Tinsley, but are concerned about his outside shooting and immaturity. Anderson gives them a veteran backcourt leader and allows them to get Croshere off the books. With only one year remaining on his contract, he isn’t a big risk. In the long run, the Pacers think they may have a keeper at point guard in last year’s second-round pick, Jamison Brewer. For the Celtics, they knew that they were going to have to start their point guard search sooner or later and Tinsley has tremendous upside. Adding Croshere would allow them to let Rodney Rogers slip away and keep them out of the luxury tax. To make this deal work financially, the trade couldn’t happen until August 1st, when Croshere loses his base-year status.”

USA Today has a feature story on Adam Vinatieri. A sidebar to the story explains his link to “Custer’s last stand.”