Butch Sterns on WWZN is filling in for Sean McDonough and leading off his show said that his sources in Cleveland have told him that Jim Thome to Boston is “all but a done deal”. He doesn’t have details or names, but Daubach and Fossum are names being speculated about on the show. (He’s with Nick Cafardo) As I recall, Sterns’ contacts in Cleveland were also very busy during the Manny Ramirez free agent negotiations. I believe he was one of the first ones to say that Manny was coming to Boston for sure. At the top of the next hour, Sterns said a different source in Cleveland said it was not a done deal. WEEI has Radatz and Buckley along with Ordway and they’re talking various baseball topics, including Thome.

Bill Simmons wraps up his time in Milwaukee with grades of the All star events.