Chris Snow submits a worthwhile feature on Derek Lowe in the Globe. A pretty complete piece on Lowe, with details of his childhood, early days in the baseball minors, mention of the domestic violence charges brought on him, (Dismissed after counseling) struggles of last year and rebirth as a starter this year. Gordon Edes talks possible trades and gives analysis from the dreaded “anonymous baseball executives” who imply that the Yankees have the division sewn up and that the Sox better watch out for the Angels and A’s. Larry Tye questions the decision for Ted to have the Heart Surgery. Was it just because he was a sport star? Did it actually cause his quality of life to suffer to the extreme that living was a painful burden to him? George Kimball says there were at least two sportswriters Ted got along with. He’s including himself in that number. John Harrington has written a letter to the Globe about statements on the ballpark issue.

Jim Baker and Bill Griffith preview the All Star Game festivities in their Tuesday media columns. They also give detailed about tomorrows day-long tribute to Ted on ESPN Classic.

WEEI had John Glenn on with John Dennis and Greg Dickerson this morning. Glenn talked about flying with Ted, recalled in detail Ted crash-landing his wounded plane and escaping death. He said back on the ground, talk was mostly about flying and combat, not much baseball, he did go on a week of R&R to Japan with Ted, the Japanese were crazy about baseball even then, and Williams was recognized by kids there everywhere just as he would’ve been here. Dickerson asked if Glenn was worried about going into a combat with a baseball player. (Does Dickerson forget Williams had already flown in WWII?) Glenn said no, Ted had all the training. He then related that Ted’s nickname in the barracks was “bush” something he hated of course, in the reference to “bush league”. That’s why the nickname stuck. Glenn saw him occasionally when Williams was managing the Senators, stepped up the contact in the last 10 years, visited him in San Diego when he was rehabbing, and didn’t think he would make it out of the hospital. He would talked to him right up until recently, last time was about a month ago and thought that Ted might be getting better, his voice was stronger and he was able to walk a very little bit. His death came as a shock. He’s talked to John Henry over the years, mostly to get updates when Ted wasn’t well. Glenn and Ted joked about their political differences, Ted told Glenn he’d “be a great guy if he wasn’t a Democrat.” The bond between them stems from the Marines, that supercedes and political differences.No was prouder of being a Marine than Ted Williams. The last time Glenn visited Ted, Williams was wearing a Marines t-shirt. When Glenn made that space flight back in ’98, he invited Ted to the launch and didn’t think he would go as by that time he got around in a wheelchair, but he did, and was told when the rocket went up, Ted stood right up out of his wheelchair.

FOX25 has the MLB All Star Game tonight at 8:00. Tom Brady is scheduled to appear on Mohr Sports on ESPN at 9:30. At 9:00 on ESPN Classic there is a replay of the 1978 Marvin Hagler/Bennie Briscoe fight.