The Ted articles continue to be everywhere. Looks like this year, the three day All Star break may not be the slowest time of the year for the sports sections. Now that Ted is dead, Shaughnessy is free to start ripping John Henry Williams. Slowly at first, but the momentum is building. A poster on the Sons Of Sam Horn board thought it ironic that when Dan went on ESPNNews Friday night: “Shaughnessy mentioned how unfair the newspaper coverage of Ted was, especially in his early years. Shaughnessy mentioned that there were several Boston papers and apparently, writers and columnists would knock Williams just to get attention.” Ironic indeed, if that is the essence of what Shaughnessy said. Yesterday’s column by Bob Ryan about JHW wrapped it up into a neat package.

Tony Massarotti hands out the mid-season report card. Karen Guregian’s article about Rich Garces’ struggles has perhaps the worst (or best) example of shoddy, stating the obvious, stupidest headline ever. “El Guapo’s bloated ERA hurts Sox.” Very nice. Has a bloated ERA ever helped a team? Where to do headline writers go to school? The Herald has a number of Ted related articles in a special section today including a couple on his San Diego roots and a piece by Jim Baker with Curt Gowdy.

Tom Curran is in the middle of a three part series on chemistry in sports. Chad Finn defines a Red Sox fan. Some great stuff in there. Good tip on how to tell if you’re a Yankee fan too. He even takes a shot at Shaughnessy, always a good thing. Art Martone has a three part notebook today. Ted is discussed, of course. Local guy Bob Halloran tells us some things you can’t say on TV.

The Patriots NFL Films yearbook for 2001 will be shown multiple times today. ESPN2 has it at 4:00 and 7:00 PM. ESPN has it at 5:00. ESPN Classic is showing the ’85 Patriots at 5:00 and the ’96 Patriots at 5:30. ESPN2 also has Monday Night Countdown at 7:30. Bob Ryan will be hosting “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN at 5:30 and ESPN2 at 8:00. ESPN has the MLB Home Run Derby at 8:00 Locally, you have FSNE’s Baseball show at 6:30, followed by NE Sports Tonight.