WEEI’s ” Big Show” opened with Ordway going over the application for membership in the Alcor Life Extension foundation. There was much joking in the discussion as they said they were filling it out for Fred Smerlas who was on the show along with Bill Burt. But the point was being well made that this was no simple process to get into this program. Alcor does quite a job in protecting themselves against lawsuits. This was no last second whim of John Henry Williams. He had to plan this out and take the necessary steps well in advance. The application asks about family opposition, funding and if you want your head, whole body or just what pieces of your remains can be recovered to be stored. WWZN has stayed away from the JHW talk thus far, with Dave Jageler and Tony Massarotti spending more time talking about the All Star Game, state of Baseball and Red Sox possible moves. They had on Torii Hunter of the Twins and Ken Rosenthal of The Sporting News as guests. The McDonough group has Jackie MacMullan joining Sean in studio.

Pro Football Weekly has a nice piece on Bill Belichick.