NESN had the opportunity to cover two emerging stories last night, before the game they had news of the Blue Jays trading Raul Mondesi to the Yankees. After the game, they had the news of Pedro declining his invitation to the All Star Game. In between those two stories was an almost-vintage Martinez pitching performance. Pretty good night for NESN, I’d say.

FSNE continues to “lower the bar” of television sports programming. Gary Tanguay is very good, and I’m not sure how he keeps his sanity with some of the discussions on both the weekly baseball show and the nightly NEST. Last night on the 6:30 baseball show, we got to see Steve Buckley roll his eyes after hearing Tanguay say that the Sox are only 2 games behind the Yankees even after this tough stretch. Buckley said “They (Sox) should be up seven games.” I don’t agree. The Yankees have been struggling a bit as well, and it’s lucky that the Red Sox are not down 5-7 games instead. NEST had Bill Burt and Michael Felger. The show started off with an e-mail from Eddie in Hyannis, who complained about the negativity of the show and the constant local-team bashing. A well written complaint. After a couple jabs at Eddie, the show went right on in the usual style. Burt talked about the Yankees always making a move like Mondesi, and Felger went overly dramatic, mock crying and gesturing to wipe fake tears to respresent Red Sox fans crying about the Yankees. Felger thrives on making broad-brush inflammatory comments, and he’s very good at it. “The Red Sox invented the June swoon…they do it *every* year.” (I wish Felger would say that to Varitek. As reported by John Tomase in the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune yesterday: “Take that June swoon and shove it up your (expletive),” Varitek said. “Up your (expletive).” Then, for added emphasis: “That’s right. I said it.”)

Bob Ryan with an article on Pedro, praises his intelligence for skipping the ASG. Nice article. One point to pick…Bob…Joe Torre isn’t the skipper of the World Champions. Minor yes, but as Red Sox fans we can’t be giving the Yankees more credit that they’re due. Tony Massarotti similarly praises the “inimitable Red Sox ace.” Lenny Megliola puts together an article with some of the shortest paragraphs you’ll ever see. Steve Buckley with an article at this time dated tomorrow, talks about the Mondesi trade. I was wondering if any media member was going to ask JP Ricciardi if he was hesitant about trading with the Yankees. Paul Kenyon of the ProJo and Bill Ballou also covered this angle.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on the Bruins interest in Teemu Selanne and other teams efforts to lure away Bill Guerin. The tact taken by the Dallas Stars is pretty interesting:

“The next big appeal came early yesterday morning, when Stars owner Thomas Hicks, general manager Doug Armstrong, coach Dave Tippett, and assistant coach Guy Carbonneau boarded a private jet from Dallas en route to Boston. The Dallas braintrust showed up on Guerin’s doorstep armed with an enthusiastic sales pitch to the tune of a five-year, $45-million offer and a personalized DVD. Reportedly, the DVD detailed the appeal of hockey in Dallas, explained Hicks’s ownership philosophy, and showed what opportunities there were in the area’s school system given that Guerin and his wife, Kara, are the parents of three young children. It even included a personal appeal from Texas Rangers star shortstop Alex Rodriguez.”

Shira Springer has two articles today. She borrows liberally (and acknowledges it) from the AP story on Larry Bird making appearances in Charlotte. (Check the Herald for the AP version) This is fine, it’s taking the base story from AP and adding a few items to make it more interesting locally. She then reports on Chris Wallace’s visit with Rodney Rogers’ agent.

Meanwhile Jim Donaldson wonders why players don’t love the games anymore. Jim Baker reports on Channel 5 unceremoniously dumping the World Cup final re-broadcast Saturday without notice. Art Martone says that as a Red Sox fan, he’s glad the Yankees got Mondesi. If you missed the ESPN the Magazine piece on Terry Glenn, you might want to check it out. He blames pot smoking for his problems, talks about his horrific childhood etc..He says that he felt neglected in Pete Carroll’s offense and it brought back childhood memories, that he missed team meetings because the NFL drug guys would show up at his house and then he “couldn’t pee” and they wouldn’t let him leave until he did, so he would miss the meetings, after the third time this happened, the team stopped believing him. He says of the Oct 13 Packers/Patriots game: “It’s gonna be a game like none other,” he says. “The Patriot fans’ll try to hurt my feelings by calling me Druggie. They’ll have their signs. They’re going to give it to me. And I’ve got to make sure to give it back to them.”

NESN has both ends of the Red Sox/Blue Jays doubleheader today, at 1:00 and 7:00. TBS has Expos/Braves at 7:30.