While the Red Sox played on WEEI, Eddie Andelman had quite possibly the worst show in Boston sports radio history. Teamed with Sean Grande, they broadcasted from the Fleetcenter, home of tonight’s WWE Smackdown event. Dave Jageler stayed behind at the studio, likely out of disgust about doing almost a whole show about wrestling. When 3:00 rolled around and the McDonough Group came on, Nick Cafardo spent more time complaining about the All Star Voting. Eric Chvez should be the AL 3rd baseman, not Shea Hillenbrand. Manny being voted in is a joke even though he was leading the league in hitting. Talked about the current vote for the 30th man, Cafardo says it’s just as much of a sham as Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl MVP by virture of the fans voting on the Internet. He actually said that the voting should be taken away from the fans and be given to only the writers and broadcasters who cover the game. Bill Simmons joined the cast after the game.