WEEI and FSNE’s “New England Sports Tonight” continue to be interwoven, Today Greg Dickerson was co-host on D&C, filling in for John Dennis. Gary Tanguay then filled in for Dale Arnold on the midday show. The Big Show was hosted by Craig Mustard and he was flanked by NEST regulars Bill Burt and Michael Felger. Tony Gwynn was a guest on the midday show. More trade talk for the Red Sox and brief mentions of the Bruins and Celtics free agents, were the topics of the day.

On WWZN, Tony Massarotti expressed optimism for the Red Sox during an call in during Eddie and Jag man. Mike Giardi filled in for Sean McDonough and was joined by Nick Cafardo and Ron Borges. Cafardo can’t believe Manny was voted in after missing all those games. He asked if Boston fans stuffed the ballot box to get Shea Hillenbrand elected. He asked if fans vote for players because of how much money they make and that must be how Manny got in. Giardi says the vote should be taken away from the fans. Borges was reminded by a caller of his Super Bowl prediction: Rams 73 Patriots 0. laughed it off. I bet a lot of us wish we could mess up that bad in our jobs and be able to laugh it off. Our pal Bob Hohler joined the show via phone. Saying how Daubach and Nixon have been in there day in and day out playing in pain, Manny’s finger is “fine”. Did report that Hermanson is with the team and threw in the bullpen today without pain. When asked about the Sox making a trade, he tried to give an example of a bad trade made just to make a deal. He referenced Lew Ford who is ‘tearing it up in AA” in the Twins organization who was traded for reliever Hector Carrasco in September of 2000.He said Ford is a “pretty decent prospect”. Hohler could’ve picked a better example. Lew Ford is 26 years old and still playing AA. Some hot prospect.

Michael Felger gives a Patriots team report in The Sporting News. A positive view.