FOX25 “Sports Sunday” had Levan Reid outside the Boston Harbor hotel where the Super Bowl Rings where handed out. Troy Brown was the first one shown wearing it, cracked that you won’t be seeing it on E-Bay. Lawyer Milloy and Mike Vrabel were also shown. While the Pat were modeling their new rings, the Bills, and Drew Bledsoe specifically, were modeling new dark blue jerseys. Tedy Bruschi was also on, just had a new child born a month ago, he was also asked about his passion for music and a benefit he will be doing June 17, he’s playing the sax. Touched on the disrespect the team continues to get, but Bruschi said, “the bottom line is that we’re world champs”.

Butch Sterns led into a segment on Pedro’s shoulder. Pedro said that “it hurts”. Levan Reid went further with a “Reid inside the lines” showing interviews with Pedro saying in Toronto, his shoulder felt like it did last year before it got hurt, and that he’s concerned about it. Pedro is sober about his future. He doesn’t know what the future holds. The segment ended with Reid reporting that Pedro has sought out Pettite, Clemens and Schilling, because they have all had shoulder problems and come back to be all-stars. They also briefly covered World Cup soccer.

“Sunday Best” had items from the NE Sports Museum highlighting championships by the 1914 Boston Braves, the 1928 NFL champion Providence Steamrollers, the Whalers led by Doug Green, Harvard’s Rose Bowl champs in 1920. June 13 in the 25th Anniversary of the museum. “Last Blast” by Sterns was about Tyson. He was too normal last night. No Hannibal antics.

WB56 “SportsZone” also showed highlights of the Pats getting their rings. Their “FanZone” segment dealt with the Tyson/Lewis fight, and had viewer E-mail thoughts on the fight.

WCVB Channel Five had a segment on the rings during their 11:00 newscast. It included interviews with Coach Belichick and Bob Kraft, Belichick wore his other two Super Bowl Rings from his time with the Giants as well, and Kraft said the rings were done the way they were to send a message that things are done with class here in the New England. Perhaps a good move by Kraft, can be used in the future to appeal to players they’re trying to get to come here.

Though I didn’t see it, a reader wrote in to say that NECN had a few major blips in showing World Cup highlights, wrong dates and recaps during “Sports Latenight”.

WBZ’s “SportsFinal” also led with the rings. Someone asked David Patten what was heavier, a sack of coffee beans or this ring…They had Lawyer Milloy describe the ring in a bit more detail, he said it’s got a bit of “black” jewelry in it. He said he would suggest his Caucasian teammates to get a tan before wearing it. Marc Edwards was in studio, described it as Christmas day as a 12 year old. He brought the box just as it was to open it for the viewers, a wooden engraved $150.00 box, then took out the ring with all it’s symbolism, the stadium, trophy, name, number, logo, field, many many diamonds. He said it’d only be worn on special occasion. He said the appraisal was for $15,000.00, a couple thousand more than what was reported by Mannix in the Sunday Herald. He said Matt Stevens, Riddick Parker and Brandon Mitchell were all there. Apparently, while Belichick was speaking…a great speech according to Edwards, John Henry pulled up in his “mansion” of a yacht. Steve Burton showed a replica of the ring that can be bought at the Pats Pro shop.

They went from the rings to Pedro. More clips of his interviews after the game yesterday talking about his arm. He’s a rookie coming back from injury. Just had to see how he is each outing. He said he’s in a bad mood lately because of personal matters, not physical matters. One reporter asked if it was a physical problem with his girlfriend.

Sean McAdam, Gordon Edes and Lenny Megliola were in as the first roundtable. Megliola took issue with Pedro asking not to be called the best pitcher in the game, Lenny said Pedro didn’t have a problem with it during ’98 – 2000, never asked the media then to not call him that…Edes mentioned that Dr Morgan said today there is no thought to having Pedro miss a start or DL him. Structurally, he’s ok, a jsut has a little soreness. McAdam says the media is not making too big a deal about this, that Pedro is still the key to the team success. All three writers said they think he’ll be shut down sometime this season Megliola said he think he’ll be shut down for a long time when they do. (Note to Lenny…this isn’t the 70’s anymore…might be time to upgrade the shirt wardrobe…)

Bob Ryan, Shaughnessy and Revolution goalie Juergen Sommer were in next to talk World Cup. Ryan asked a few questions about the English team having a Swedish coach. Shaughnessy’s only contribution in the first few minutes was to make fun of Ryan for showing an interest in the tournament. Sommer will be in each Sunday through the World Cup. He was very well spoken and knowledgeable.

Dan Roche then had a segment in the Fenway field with Johnny Pesky. He remembered the day Ted Williams hit the home run that is commemorated by the red seat in the right field stands. He likes the team this year, really likes Damon, getting him was a stroke of luck…difference in atmosphere is like night and day from last year. “Just want to win a World Series before I die” he said.

Howard Rosenkrantz a sports memorabilia collector (Grey Flannel Auctions) was in, showing a Babe Ruth jersey valued at $75,000.00 bats used by Mel Ott and Jimmy Foxx, All star jersey worn by Wayne Gretzky. A Boston Braves jacket that belonged to Warren Spahn in his rookie year. A 1912 Red Sox Championship banner, and a 1914 Braves pennant. A 1948 Ted Williams jersey and a Mickey Mantle jersey were shown. In studio, they had a quarter of a million dollars in merchandise.

The show’s last segment began with shots of John Henry