Wish I understood Gordon Edes motivation for some of the things he wrote today. Shots at Manny Ramirez and Dan Duquette. For Manny, he brings back the hamstring injury he suffered in his final season in Cleveland:

“Two years ago, when Ramirez missed six weeks and 39 games with a strained hamstring with the Indians after the team’s original estimate was he’d be out 5-7 days, Indians GM John Hart let his impatience show. ”Manny’s killing us not being in the lineup,” Hart said at the time.

The Indians were a game and a half out of first place when Ramirez was hurt. By the time he returned, they were 10 games back, having gone 19-20 in his absence. That slide proved beyond Hart’s tolerance.”

Then he talks about Duquette’s negotiating tactics with Manny:

“But then he left, signing as a free agent with the Sox. Dan Duquette’s clever negotiating strategy – tell us what you want, and we’ll give you $10 million, $20 million, $30 million more, as long as you keep calling – no doubt sealed the deal.”

OK…so all the facts Edes list are correct. But how are they relevant today? What is he implying? When Manny hurt his finger, we were told he’d be out 4-6 weeks. This article seems to voice the opinion that Manny has a history of not taking his rehab seriously and should be back already. Right now, we’re a day or two away from the four week anniversary of Manny hurting his finger. And why the shots at Duquette? Why can’t they let it go? The media gets on Duquette, saying that he needs to let go, stop talking publicly about the Red Sox and stop showing up at games. By the same token, the media can stop taking shots at him any time now.

Nick Cafardo and Michael Felger report from the Patriots ring ceremony, including the news that Roman Phifer was also in attendance.

In another head scratcher. Steve Buckley, who Friday was urging Grady Little to line things up so Derek Lowe would be the number one starter for the playoffs, today writes “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Arizona Diamondbacks, for your timely reminder that much baseball remains to be played between now and October” and “Yesterday, the Arizonans showed the Red Sox what it takes to win the World Series. They also showed the Red Sox that it’s a long and winding road that connects June to October.”

NESN has Red Sox/Rockies tonight at 7:00. ABC has game four of the Stanley Cup finals tonight at 8:00. TBS has Braves/Twins at 8:00. ESPN has a terrific Monday night baseball game with Randy Johnson pitching for Arizona in New York against the Yankees at 7:00. ESPN Classic has the Bill Russell “SportsCentury” at 8:00 and 11:00.