The Patriots have their rings… has unveiled the ring and with a nifty window, you can see a 360 degree view of the rings. Kevin Mannix in the Herald this morning reported that Mr. Kraft has gotten rings for all of the Patriots full time employees. Quite a generous gesture by the Patriots owner. Here’s wishing one part-timer was able to receive a ring also; Pats PA announcer John Rooke. His position is a part time one, but as the voice that all the fans hear at the game, he is a big part of the game day experience.

Bill Griffith talks with outgoing NBC sports director Andy Rosenberg, whose innovations and direction have had a major impact on sports fans over the last 20+ years. There is also a link to a certain media website in Griffith’s column. (yes, shameless self promotion…) Also in the Globe today, in the architecture section is a piece by Robert Campbell on Fenway Park. The piece is a follow-up to one printed a couple weeks ago on an interview with Janet Marie Smith, whose job with the Red Sox is to figure out how to improve the park. She is asking for suggestions from the fans, there is an e-mail address set up for you send in your thoughts: A few letters are printed in the article, and Campbell seems surprised to hear from fans who are actually negative about the park and the idea of merely remodeling it. This is such a passionate issue among fans. Everyone has an opinion. Some want to save it just as it is, others would like a bit more modern and some decent comfort, still others want the place blown up and a new park built. Your chance to submit your ideas, thoughts and opinion on the current state and future of Fenway are in that e-mail address. You can also call 617-375-0935.

Can anyone explain why ESPN picked Braves/Rangers for its Sunday night game? Couldn’t they have looked at the schedule (before the season even) and picked say…Yankees/Giants? That would have been the perfect game (Other than the Sox, of course) for a national audience. Barry Bonds in NY. Are not the Braves just a tad over-exposed nationally?