Down to one active Sports team at the moment, and boy, you can tell it by looking at the sports sections. Everyone likely took their vacations at once. The Globe has a Red Sox game story, a notebook and a column by Michael Holley, a Celtics Notes, a Peter May NBA finals piece along with a Hurricanes piece and a Bill Griffth SportView column. That’s about it. John Powers is busy though, three World Cup pieces today alone. The Herald is no bargain either. Four Red Sox articles, two each by Tony Massarotti and Jeff Horrigan, and a Jim Baker column. That’s it for the local sports.

A person could waste hours at the Patriots website. Not only are there news stories and a countdown to the Ring Ceremony on June 9th, but there is extensive audio and video files. One particularly impressive page is the page of NFL Films Highlights. There are clips from every game throughout the season, plus SuperBowl specials and highlights of big individual plays. Don’t forget Patriots Video News and radio, which airs on Wednesdays, noon to 1PM, all year round.

Sports Radio on TV. That is the theory behind FSNE’s revamped “New England Sports Tonight”. Greg Dickerson is an official co-host now, (Along with Gary Tanguay) and the show is sponsored by the Boston Herald, which sends its writers there each day now to argue and debate the issues of the day. Gerry Callahan has another outlet for his particular brand of hostility. Last night he was again attacking anyone who said the Celtics exceeded all expectations, just as he did on “SportsExtra” on Sunday night. He maintains they laid down against the Nets. Underachieved. Failed. This format is provides cheap programming for FSNE, which to this observer, looks to be in trouble. The entire Fox Sports Network is struggling and perhaps hangs on the success or failure of “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.” (Which is basically the same premise–cheap programming, guys sitting around talking) FSNE would do well to go back to having a 10:00 live show to cover the highlights of the night’s games rather than this 6:30 show that they repeat later in the evening. Since the demise of Channel 68’s “Sportsnight” hosted by Butch Sterns a couple years ago, a 10:00 PM sports wrapup show is sorely needed in the Boston TV market. NECN does well with it’s 11:00 PM show, but for many people it’s a bit too late.

Listening to 790 the Score out of Providence for a change of pace, a lot of talk on the renovation/rebuilding of Fenway Park this morning.

WWZN is taking full advantage of WEEI’s shut-down of on-line streaming. Their ads boast of their being Boston’s sports station where you *can* listen on the web.

Not strictly Boston Media, but Dave’s Sporting News has some harsh commentary on the NBA and conspiracy theories.

FOX25 once again has the Red Sox and Tigers in Detroit at 7:00. ESPN has game one of the Stanley Cup Finals also in Detroit at 8:00. The Braves and Mets air on TBS at 7:30. World Cup Soccer matches air throughout the early mornings on ESPN2.