Steroid talk continues to dominate the WEEI programming. It goes on and on and on. Callers just all want to talk about it. They talk about health effects, they talk about testing as a possible bargaining chip for the owners in labor talks, they speculate about players who might be using. This is a huge topic. A limited one, but a popular one. A sprinkling of World Cup talk even gets tinged with steroid talk. One e-mailer did manage to get the point in that perhaps Pedro isn’t taking all his warmup pitches before the game as he knows he has a limited amount each time out and thus that could explain his struggles in the first inning recently. Once he gets through the first inning, or finishes what would normally be his warmup total, he pitches fine. Another sent in a reference to a St Louis Post-Dispatch article in which the Rams talk about how they should have won the Super Bowl. Meanwhile on WWZN, Eddie has been asking listeners to provide suggestions to raise money for the Red Sox owners instead of raising ticket prices. Some suggestions included charging an “early admission” price to watch the home team take batting practice, turning the park into a campsite when the team is on the road, letting people buy 20 swings in the batting cage.