Would all Boston Media types who stated with absolute certainty that the Nets would not be able to recover from Saturday’s game three collapse please report to the Tobin bridge….

Like Manna from Heaven, after the tough loss yesterday by the Celtics, what appeared in the mail today? The new Patriots DVD “3 Games to Glory” It’s helping to make a tough morning a bit more pleasant. A full review will be posted here once a full viewing is done.

Anyone else tired of the incessant Jason Kidd worship going on during the NBC telecasts? The man can do no wrong. He gets perfect postion to draw charges, leads his team through the tough times and is a gentleman of the highest order. I think the broadcasters need to re-read the Sports Illustrated featuring Kidd that came out earlier in the season. While the cover painted a picture of the perfect family, all together in the bathtub, the article presented darker things. The one that stood out to me is how they built up about how Kidd’s son, TJ imitates everything his father does, right down to his dribble and free throw routine. Then they mentioned TJ hitting his mom in the face after she told him no….

Dan Shaughnessy revels in misery. He loves that Paul Pierce missed those free throws, and he hopes it ruins Pierce’s life and career. OK, maybe he didn’t say that *exactly* but you get the idea that that would be just fine with Dan. Somewhat amusing that WEEI’s Dale and Neumy are taking Shaugnessy to task on the air this morning for comments he made over the weekend calling Jose Offerman a “bowser” and making personal attacks at him for not executing a sacrifice bunt and then not wanting to talk about it. He claims he’s speaking for the fans.

Peter King gushes over CMGI field. (and lists the Pats at #4 for his favorites to win the SuperBowl)

As of 10:30 this morning, it was impossible to connect to WEEI’s live web stream through the link on its webpage. By going directly to the Streamaudio.com website, a connection was finally able to be made.

You can catch the Red Sox and Blue Jays from Toronto tonight at 7:00 on FOX25. NBC has Lakers/Kings game five from Sacremento tonight at 9:00