Leapin’ Leprechauns! — That’s how ESPN.com’s front page looked after the Celtics record comeback victory over the Nets this evening. The ESPNNews postgame interview sessions were riveting. The phone lines to WWZN’s “Celtics Rewind” were jammed and animated. Host Marty Tirrell talked about when he had to leave with nine minutes to go to do his show, and how the elevators were jammed with others leaving, disgusted. The ones that stayed sure made enough noise. Jim O’Brien said in his postgame conference that the assistants had to yell in his ear for him to be able to hear. Antoine Walker talked about the hoards of NJ fans who left early in game 2 when they were down 10 with 6 minutes left, but the here the Celtics were down 21 with 12 minutes to go and almost all stayed and Antoine gave them credit for their part in the comeback. Callers to WWZN were almost babbling with joy, and for some, humiliation. One caller admitted he and his friends were among these leaving after the third. He planned on sending a written apology to the Celtics. Butch Stearns also called in on the show and asked for all Celtics fans to recognize Antoine Walker’s leadership. He said while there may be many flaws in his game, he is the spiritual and emotional leader of this franchise. Tirrell asked the callers to suggest headlines for the papers tomorrow. Some of them: “FleetCenter Fleecing”, “Colossal Comeback”, “Four Star Fourth”, “Celtic Heart”, “Leprechaun Lynching”, “Fleet Feat”, “21 – House wins”, “Down and Rout”. “The Truth Hurts”, and “Fourth Kidd-napped”. Celtics GM Chris Wallace also appeared on the show. He admitted to having turned the page on this one. He talked about the fact that the Celtics actually made two comebacks in the this game, in the first quarter, the Nets went up 15, and the Celtics cut it to six, before the Nets eventually blew the lead back up to 20 in the first half. Usually a team that makes a small comeback like the first one doesn’t have another in it. Wallace said that was very unusual.

Meanwhile, listeners to WEEI were treated to the sounds of John Meterparel calling the New England Revolution 3-2 win tonight…

FOX25 led their 10:00 PM newscast with the Celtics, and had a clip from Red Auerbach after the game, giving some huge praise to Jim O’Brien, and adding that he (Auerbach) probably would’ve gotten thrown out of that game. He added he never dreamed they could come back in this one. WB56 reporter Michael Andelman (yes, Eddie’s son) said on his report from the FleetCenter that tonight’s fourth quarter was the best in Celtics history, eclipsing the Bird/Dominique battle in ’88. Quite a bold statement.