Jerry Remy picked up on it on the very first pitch of today’s Fox25 Red Sox telecast. David Wells didn’t like the call. Neither side has been very pleased with the efforts of the home plate umpire. Remy predicts if the calls continue to be this inconsistant, someone will get thrown out of the game.

Celtics owner Paul Gaston better hope that not too many people read Jackie MacMullan’s article in the Globe today. Otherwise, should he decide to play it cheap this summer and not resign Rodney Rogers under the cover of luxury tax implications.

Dan Shaughnessy thinks that readers of the Globe must so associate him with the Red Sox and Yankees, that he cranks out two columns today. In his second column, he makes the rediculous statement that Boston fans enjoy booing Roger Clemens more than the SuperBowl. Roger is hated, but the Patriots SuperBowl victory far outweighs any feelings you could have for Clemens.