In the Globe today Will McDonough has this pretty weird quote from Tom Donahue: “The day of the Patriots game, it was cold and windy. Raw. In warmups, I watched every throw he made, and under terrible conditions, he threw the ball as well as I’ve ever seen anyone throw it, anywhere. I made up my mind then to try to get him.” So he decided to go after Bledsoe based on watching him throw the ball in warmups ? Just how tough could those “conditions” be? Did he also have 350 pound linemen coming after him as he threw in those “terrible” conditions? McDonough also talked to 3 NFL front office types to evaluate the Patriots draft. Two gave it a good review, one said it wasn’t a good draft.

Dennis and Callahan this morning are making a big deal about the Inside Track report this morning about Tom Brady “bumping and grinding” with Mariah Carey at a recent New York party. Being the savvy, understated political analysts that they are, they also make a big deal about the news in the same report that Brady has decided not to get involved in Senator John Kerry’s campaign. As D&C are wont to do, they are using these snippets of “news” to rile up callers and already get them into a panic about Brady’s and the Patriot’s future. When will the listeners learn not to get caught up in these cheap tactics?

Jim Baker has some numbers for the weekend’s events, while Jim Greenidge talks to C’s announcer Sean Grande and also gives some quick TV numbers.

Peter Gammons has jumped back onto the Red Sox bandwagon, praising them last night on “Baseball Tonight”. He mentioned the “Dirt Dogs” theme that arose early last season, and how the Sox have great energy and leadership in Nomar, who he compared to Bagwell, Ellis Burks and Jeter, as the great leaders in the game. He cited the Red Sox also as having some of the great bench players in the game. We’ll see where Peter stands if the Sox ever go on a little tough streak. Then he’ll be suggesting they trade Manny for Mike Hampton and Larry Walker, or rip them for past deeds and bad contracts. Perhaps he’ll turn on them for how they treat Lou Merloni, who was said by a Sox front office type last week to the “safe”, and then sent to the minors a few days later.

After an off-day to let everyone catch their breath from Sunday, local sports spring back into action tonight with the Red Sox taking on the Orioles at 7:00 on NESN, and the Bruins taking on Montreal in game 3 of their playoff series at 7:00 on UPN 38.