Amusing story on WWZN yesterday afternoon. Just before 6:00, the McDonough group was talking with former Bruin Ted Donato, who just finished a season with the Manchester Monarchs. Donato was relating a story that happened to him while he was at Harvard. His team had not qualified for the NCAA Hockey tournament that year, so they booked a trip to California for spring break. While there, they got tickets to a taping of “The Price is Right”, Donato was humorous in relating how his “subtle” Boston accent made it past the screeners of the show, and eventually he was called up from the audience to be a contestant. With his nametag reading “Edward” he took his place in contestant’s row, and the first item was a “portable word processor” — which rather dates him — he was at first was outbid by a woman who used the cheap tactic of bidding a dollar more than he did. He had help from the audience, as one of his friends had watched the show everyday for 6 weeks in preparation. Finally, he did onto the show. Bob Barker was very nice to him, and his prize for his game was to be…..A NEW CAR…. (Cue music) he played the dice game, and fell 1 point short. He joked that he still can’t figure out how he lost. Then he got to spin the Big Wheel for a chance to get to the “Showcase Showdown” he spun for 75 cents, and stayed with that, after the two other contestants went over, he was in the showdown. The other contestant passed the first package over to him, which included a Jet Ski, Satellite dish and other items. He said during the break before the winner was announced they went over how the celebration would be done…a handshake, a hug, etc. All his friends were near the stage; ready to storm it if he won….he didn’t win. He then talked about telling his mother 4-5 days later that he had been on the show and his mother didn’t even tell his father as she thought he was drunk or something. He has the tape and sometimes it gets popped in the VCR to embarrass him. The story was very funny as told by Donato, who is headed off to the World Championships next week.