Troy Brown was on WEEI this morning with “Dale and Neumy” and talked about losing his “good friend” Drew Bledsoe. He doesn’t think Bledsoe leaving will adversely affect the Patriots next year though. He thinks Brady will continue to get better and improve, as he has some of the best coaches in the game. He had a pretty shaky phone connection, so it was pretty difficult to understand alot of what he was saying. He talked a little about how far that he’s come, that now a receiver can be drafted and called a “Troy Brown clone”. He says the biggest difference this off season in preparation and off season workouts has been that they have less time. Said the Super Bowl “hangover” is something that could be dangerous, and that they need to focus in and listen to their coaches for preparation, and people like himself need to remind everyone that it all starts over now, everyone is 0-0. He doesn’t worry about Brady though, as he’s there everyday working just as hard as he always has. Neumeier also told Troy that Parcells told him last year that Brown was the best draft pick he ever made in the NFL.

They also talked to Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett, who had Patriots first round pick Daniel Graham the last few years. He summed up Graham as a “unique combination of skilled athlete and powerful blocker.” He said he’s a “sure bet”. Barnett also mentioned that his son worked for Scott Pioli for the Patriots this past year.