Bledsoe talk running rampant on WEEI today. Peter King on “Dale and Neumy” compared Brady to Nomar in terms of his mindset and preparation. He said how a week after the Pro Bowl, Brady was in the Patriots Weight room at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon by himself, lifting. It was interesting though to hear more from Michael Felger about the phone line incident coming out of the Patriots “War Room” on Saturday. Apparently a phone line was crossed up and allowed anyone listening on a certain phone to hear everything that was being discussed in the room. Felger reported it briefly in his “Patriots Notebook” feature in the Herald today, he expanded on it on the “Big Show” this afternoon, talking about another “outlet” (Read:Globe) in town that was taking advantage of it to get scoops. Felger said he thought it was unethical. Glen Ordway also openly disagreed with Larry Bird in an assessment Bird made of Antoine Walker’s game. Bird had said Walker should be under the basket more and stop shooting so many 3’s. Ordway says that the NBA has changed from the time Bird played, and that Walker is a product of this new NBA and that his game is what it is.