Hasn’t really been reported on in the Boston Media yet, but David Wells gave the Red Sox some serious disrespect in an interview on WFAN – New York yesterday. The segment is archived on WFAN’s web site and is available for listening. The good stuff doesn’t appear until almost 6 minutes into the piece, so skip over to that point if you wish. Wells basically says the Yankees were not impressed by the Red Sox this past weekend, that the Sox only have a couple decent pitchers, and that he thinks there are other teams out there that the Yankees will end up worrying about more than the Red Sox. Way to go, Boomer. Sure that isn’t sour grapes for all those times you’ve been bombed at Fenway? Wells is the one who thinks Fenway should be blown up because of his lack of success there.

Celtics finish up the season tonight at 7:00 on Fox Sports Net. Red Sox look to continue their recent success with another game with the Blue Jays tonight at 7:00 on NESN.