Boston seems to again be the Hub of the sports world. In our eyes anyway. The Patriots are SuperBowl champs, have a pro-bowl quarterback they’re trying to trade, and another Pro-Bowl quarterback who was on the cover of SI last week and who also is the reigning Super Bowl MVP. The Red Sox just took 3 of 4 from the Yankees, and are looking much better than the team that finished up last year. The Bruins are the # 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, and the Celtics just wrapped up their best road record since their last championship season of ’85-’86, and are looking to catch the Pistons for the second best record in the East.

It wouldn’t be Boston though, without something to complain about. Gerry Callahan has to focus on the admittedly shaky Ugueth Urbina Dan Shaughnessey feels it his personal duty to remind us that the season is a marathon, not a sprint, and that Heartbreak Hill is still ahead. Steve Buckly though, manages to find some positive in the situation.

The Boston Marathon was yesterday. All the local news stations provided coverage, meaning there was really nothing else on local TV and Radio besides the marathon. Is there a need for this? Bill Griffith furthers the point, with reviews of the coverage, including the pretty vital detail that due to the fog, there was virtually no live footage of the runners. Why don’t the stations just rotate the coverage each year? Unless you know someone running in the marathon, do you even care about it? Does every local outlet need to provide start to finish coverage?

For those of you interested in Conspiracy Theories, If you went to this morning, and looked at the Playoffs 2002 page, you could see that the outcomes of several first round playoffs series had been determined. According to them, The Celtics swept the Hornets 3-0 in the first round. The page was quickly removed. Likely someone working on the formatting, and getting it to “look” right. But if the C’s end up sweeping Charlotte, remember where you heard it.