In another effort by a media outlet to publize itself under the guise of breaking the so-called “Curse of the Bambino” WHEB-FM (100.3) Portsmouth will be conducting an exorcism of sorts on Friday April 12th. They plan to have a car covered with Yankee logos parked outside their office, where a “Monster” truck will run over it and crush it to a pulp.

Butch Sterns on Fox25 at 10:00 last night reported that the Bills have offered the Patriots 3 draft picks for Drew Bledsoe…none of which are first rounders. Sterns also commented on the upcoming Sports Illustrated on which Tom Brady is the cover feature, Shirtless, naturally. The title? “The Natural”. Sterns attempted to whip up the usual frenzy around an SI cover appearance by showing Nomar on SI last year shirtless, and Pedro the year before. Both years in which the Sox failed the make the playoffs, and last year Nomar missed all but 21 games. Maybe the Pats should hang onto Bledsoe though, just in case…

Peter Gammons mentioned yesterday that Ted Lilly is the #11 pitcher on the Yankees staff, but he would be the #3 on the Red Sox. That’s absurd. To me, many times Gammons goes out of his way to put down the Red Sox and elevate the Yankees, just so that no one can accuse him of being a Red Sox “homer”. Of course he could also just be trying to fan the flames as Sterns did above. Trying to get people to talk about him and his columns. Who would fall for such an underhanded trick?