WEEI has actually had some diverse topics recently. With all four teams in town at least competitive, people are talking about the Bruins and Celtics. Just for the record, Pete Shepperd and Michael Felger say today in the usual bombastic style that the Celtics will not win a single playoff game. Keep that in mind. Glen Ordway exposes their NBA ignorance here. They say the NBA defense gets tougher in the playoffs and the C’s won’t be able to “shoot all those 3’s”. Well, as Ordway pointed out the defense *does* get tougher, but on the *inside*. It’s tougher in the paint in the playoffs. The C’s will be able to take all the 3’s they want to, and if they hit a hot streak could go all the way to the finals.

That being said, we really don’t like how the C’s match up with Philly, Charlotte or Milwaukee. The three most likely first round opponents for the Celtics.