Missed Storm Means Patriots Ticket Opportunity

Earlier in the week when it appeared that New England might be in line for a Nor’easter on Sunday night into Monday, tickets for Patriots/Packers flooded the secondary market, resulting in great deals.  Now the the forecast for the storm to miss us, it’s a great opportunity to see the hottest team in the NFL.

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Opening Night Leads The Way In Celtics Ticket Demand

As you might expect, Tuesday night’s season opener against the Miami Heat is the most in-demand game of the Celtics season, with Miami’s visit on 2/13 and the Lakers arrival on 2/10 close behind.

Right now tickets for opening night are at Patriots-level, fetching an average of almost $300 per ticket.

We’ve also got a new Celtics ticket buying page, which can be accessed by clicking on the image above or by visiting BSMW Tickets.

Top Games In Bruins 2010/11 Schedule

The Bruins have started one of the most-anticipated seasons in recent memory, and already there are some interesting ticket trends emerging.

This chart shows the top games in terms of ticket price and demand for this season:

The March 29th game against the Stanley Cup  champion Chicago Blackhawks is the top game on the schedule, along with an April 9th game against the Senators and a January 15th  matchup with Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Boston Sports Ticket Watch Bruins page gives you all you need to find the best deal on Bruins tickets. Check out the page for this Thursday’s matchup with the Washington Capitals.

There are some great new features on the TiqIQ interface, there is now an “all-in price” feature, which gives the buyer the ability to hover over the ticket price and see a total cost of their desired transaction.  The hovering detail shows the base price as well as any fees charged by the vendor that go along with the purchase. 

There is also now an e-ticket filter that, if selected, will only show the e-ticket option – this helps if you’re hoping to get the tickets immediately, via email.

Sox Ticket Prices Still Low For Mariners Series

As the weeks go by, and it becomes more apparent that the Red Sox postseason hopes are fading, the prices and demand for tickets to Fenway Park continue to decline as well.

Tickets for the series that begins tonight against the Seattle Mariners at Fenway are selling at 40% below the season average.

This means more great deals, such as 134 tickets available in TiqZone Bleachers, $15 or less.

Of course, more bad weather projected for tonight might make even those deals a risky proposition.

Sox/Angels Tickets Plentiful, Prices Continue Low

Despite a small, last minute jump in the price, tickets for this series between the Red Sox and Angels continue to be available at great prices. This morning’s Globe article examined the drop in prices and how it is impacting both individual scalpers and companies like Ace Tickets.

With Dustin Pedroia returning to the lineup tonight, the price has jumped a bit, but look at what tickets are selling for over the next two nights:

In the past, this would be a game in huge demand. With the Sox scuffling a bit and on the edge of the playoff race, it’s well down from those levels. In fact, in checking the BSMW TiqIQ Deal Zone, bleacher seats are selling for as little as $16. That’s 68% below face value.

Red Sox Prices, Per Starting Pitcher

I thought this was a bit of interesting information. This chart breaks down what the average Red Sox ticket prices have been this season in games started by each member of the rotation.

There isn’t a huge flucuation, especially between the last four, but people obviously seem more interested in starts by Beckett and Lester, perhaps even deciding at the last minute to go to the game.

Red Sox/Indians Series A Deal At Fenway

The Red Sox welcome the Cleveland Indians into Fenway Park tonight for a four game series. Right now, this series looks like a good bargain if you want to make the trip in, with many tickets still selling for below face value on the secondary market.

As you can see in the graphic below, tickets are selling for well below the season average, and if you prefer going to Red Sox victories, the team has a pretty record at Fenway against the Indians at Fenway the last three seasons.

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