I thought this was a bit of interesting information. This chart breaks down what the average Red Sox ticket prices have been this season in games started by each member of the rotation.

There isn’t a huge flucuation, especially between the last four, but people obviously seem more interested in starts by Beckett and Lester, perhaps even deciding at the last minute to go to the game.


5 thoughts on “Red Sox Prices, Per Starting Pitcher

  1. Bruce – That is an interesting tool but Beckett as an outlier can be explained. Two of his starts were against the Yankees and one of those was on opening day, so that skews his #s – especially with only five starts.


    1. Yup, I was thinking the same thing. His starts sample is very small. Lester’s is a better indication of the interest people have in seeing him pitch.


  2. Too few games to make any conclusions, especially without factoring in opponents as Nick pointed out.

    Just adding up numbers and dividing doesn't make the result meaningful.


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