The Most Red Sox Thing Ever

That was weird. It seems like only the Red Sox could suffer a crushing loss via a walk-off grand slam, and then go have a champagne celebration in the locker room over winning the division. I'm not condemning the celebration, they won the A.L. East (Thanks, Buck Showalter!) and deserve to celebrate that accomplishment, but … Continue reading The Most Red Sox Thing Ever


Patriots Three-Sixteenths Through 2016 Review

Come on. I mean, 3-0? Sure, most fans hoped for it, but to see it happen the way it has happened has been a real trip. Yes, here the Patriots sit after coming back to win in Arizona, outlasting the Dolphins at home, and besting the Texans in every phase of the game last Thursday … Continue reading Patriots Three-Sixteenths Through 2016 Review

Just Like Old Times

A few thoughts and observations from last night and the last week or so. Games like last night are always so much fun. Whenever I see prediction sets like this: and this: and this: I have to smile. I bring these up, not because of any perceived "disrespect" being handed out, but … Continue reading Just Like Old Times