The following is the third in a serialization of my article 56 lies the NFL told during Deflategate. (Published on Medium.) 

Additional lies and mistruths within the Wells Report:

(26) Wells’ decision to hire Exponent to do the analysis of the case was perhaps the most most dishonest part of the Wells Report. The firm has a well-known reputation for delivering conclusions that their clients are paying for. The New York Times:

a lengthy scientific report prepared by Exponent, a consulting firm with dubious bona fides, having disputed the dangers of secondhand smoke and asbestos. Exponent was a hired gun, and its conclusions backed Wells’s narrative.

(27) The “disappearance” of both the Pats’ and Colts’ gauges, which could have shown for certain which gauge Anderson used pre-game.

The investigators could not locate either team’s gauge Wells informs us in passing. Very odd, that both teams’ gauges would disappear when either would tend to confirm or rebut the Ref’s memory. How hard did the NFL’s investigators search? We don’t know. The Wells report doesn’t tell us. — Blecker, page 10.

(28) The Wells Report didn’t redact enough of Tom Brady’s phone number, allowing people to guess it and forcing him to change his number.

(29) The lack of any investigation into the league actions by Wells, when he previously said he would.

(30) Wells’ use of the single text that had the word “deflator” in it.

Wells Report Page Two

This well-placed item in the table of contents of the Wells Report immediately leads a casual reader to assume that McNally used this term immediately prior to the AFCCG. In reality, the text occurred in May, 2014.

The term appears 16 times in the Wells Report.


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  1. Sad to see this site falling on hard times. And not to beat a dead horse but i think there is a direct correlation to the re-vamp and the decreased traffic. There’d be 40,50,60 comments for every article and now you’re lucky to see 5 or 6. That can’t be a coincidence. WordPress fucking blows. Don’t sabotage your own blog, Bruce.


    1. I think everyone is suffering from Deflategate fatigue right now. I appreciate the work Bruce put into this series but everyone has basically said what they have to say on the subject.


      1. No, it has nothing to do with DeflateGate. Since Bruce went to WordPress there hasn’t been more than 10 comments on ANYTHING posted here.


    2. Jason didnt u say a month ago that you might be leaving the site due your displeaure with WP? Glad to see you are sticking it out.


      1. No, I said I wasn’t going to be posting anymore, which, I haven’t. This post aside. I still read the site. If you want to come at me for that, fine. But how do you explain the colossal drop off in traffic or commentary?


    3. Agreed. This site was a daily stop for me. Now it’s maybe once every ten days. My viewership has declined for a few reasons: dwindling content from Bruce, new WordPress site (specifically comment section), and relatedly the general degradation of the tone in the comment section. From when I first started following the site years ago there usually was an above-board healthy discourse, even when people disagreed. A couple months ago I started to notice considerably more sniping and personal attacks from various commenters instead of staying on topic.


  2. So if Belichick didn’t cut Easley, would Volin and others be labeling him a bust? I doubt it. Instead of hanging on to him to save face, which most other teams would have done, the Pats cut their losses early and moved on. It’s certainly not a good outcome but why keep a guy around who can’t stay healthy and doesn’t follow the team rules?

    And since the Patriots rarely bash a player on the way out (unlike our friends on Yawkey Way) Easley had to be pretty bad. None of the unnamed sources are direct Pats connections (although “league source” could be anything), but usually the in-house stuff stays just that.


    1. I swear that Felger and Mazz had major wood when talking about the Easley move yesterday. I could practically see it on their faces — practically orgasmic. There is NOTHING the Patriots media trolls in this town love more than bashing BB for his drafts/personnel moves. In this case, the bashing is justified, but they don’t have to LOVE IT so much, do they? Eh, I’m sure they’ll be OK. Brown really came on as last season progressed, Branch had a terrific year, and Pot Roast could be this year’s version of the 2003 Ted Washington acquisition. Besides, despite the NFL’s unjustifiable theft of their first rounder, they do have four of the first 96 picks in this month’s draft, so the opportunity to draft a big body who can provide some immediate help will be there. Also, some talented youngsters who spent 2015 on IR will be in camp come July (Rufus Johnson and Trey Flowers, in particular), so their D-line situation, while weaker without Easley, isn’t as bad as some panicky folks out there on the message boards and in the media are making it out to be.


    2. If Easley was as much of knucklehead as Volin’s sources claim him to be, then I’m happy they made the move. Funny about draft ‘busts’ too – almost everyone understands that the draft is negligibly more certain than a crap shoot, but when something like this happens, the number of guys who want to blame the organization for not somehow ‘foreseeing’ this become legion. I guess, in retrospect, drafting the guy was a mistake in much the same way that betting red on a roulette wheel can be seen as a mistake as soon as the wheel stops and the ball has settled into the ’33 black’ slot.

      If the draft is a gamble, then it’s a gamble – playing the blame game after the fact is worse than pointless.


  3. Some random football thoughts that should be discussed this week by the local and national media…we will see:

    If I were the Patriots I would consider signing Brian Hoyer who was released today. I would then trade Jimmy G for a high second pick or even a 1st rounder next year and a third or 4th rounder this year. With that pick I would draft a developmental QB who I would carry all year to make sure he learns.
    The release of Easley is an interesting story to me because the team was able to hide his dysfunction from the media and fans for 2 years. If I were an editor I might be asking what my beat guys do to earn a salary.

    -The NFL sure got its money’s worth allowing the Rams to move to LA. They will now suck for 5-7 years. Way to go Rams!


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