The following is the third in a serialization of my article 56 lies the NFL told during Deflategate. (Published on Medium.) 

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Wells Report

For Lies 11–25 we refer you to The Background and Myths of “Deflategate” — Separating Fact from Fiction which lays out 15 mistruths contained within the Wells Report. They are:

(11) The NFL’s lawyers told Exponent to assume it took up to 9 minutes of halftime to complete the initial gauging of 11 Patriots’ footballs.

(12) The Colts’ footballs were gauged immediately after the Patriots’ footballs were gauged, and before the Patriots’ footballs were re-inflated and re-gauged.

(13) The Patriots’ footballs were not sufficiently wet to affect their PSI.

(14) The two gauges used at halftime were the Logo and Non-Logo gauges brought to the Game by Referee Walt Anderson.

(15) Referee Anderson used the Non-Logo gauge pre-game.

(16) The PSI measurements pre-game and at halftime were scientifically reliable enough to base definitive conclusions on them.

(17) The Jastremski/McNally texts are evidence of an ongoing, longstanding scheme to deflate footballs below regulation after the Referee’s pre-game inspection.

(18) The Jastremski/McNally texts did not contradict the existence of any deflation scheme.

(19) McNally secretly left the Official’s Locker Room and sneaked into a nearby bathroom.

(20) Tom Brady, despite never having so-stated, and despite all the contrary evidence, wanted to use footballs that were below regulation.

(21) Tom Brady’s statement that he did not think that anyone would tamper with the PSI of the footballs without his knowledge somehow proves that there was tampering and that he knew of it.

(22) Increased communications between Mr. Brady and Mr. Jastremski after the AFC Championship Game is proof that there was tampering and that Brady knew about it.

(23) Autographing a handful of items upon request, or including Mr. Jastremski on a list of over a dozen team staff members for holiday gifts, is evidence of Tom Brady’s guilt.

(24) Tom Brady’s decision not to retain his phone reflects his guilt.

(25) There was no action by any League officials that reflected any predisposition against the Patriots or warranted any criticism.

Please see the linked document above for the full stories on each of these lies.

6 thoughts on “Deflategate Lies 11-25 – Wells Report In Context List

  1. Bruce, I sincerely hope you don’t wind up getting lumped in somehow with the idiots who filed the lawsuit yesterday.

    As for what I think of that lawsuit: All I’ll say is that I immediately sent the pleading to all my attorney friends so we could waste hours laughing at it.


    1. insert rant about litigious society and people doing stupid things here…having said that…its nice to know at least someone is trying to get the picks back.


    2. D&C&M interviewed the lawyer that filed the suit yesterday. At first I thought it was a prank because he sounded like a 19 year old UMASS frat boy. I can’t imagine this clown actually arguing a case before a judge.


  2. And in the second sign that the apocalypse is upon us (the first sign is all these hipster restaurants serving small plates where the “twist” seems to be dumping hot sauce by the gallon on perfectly good food) I bring you item #5 from Chris Price’s Sunday notes:

    Happy to announce the news that the New England media corps will be handing out a “Good Guy Award” this coming year. Named in honor of former Quincy Patriot-Ledger writer Ron Hobson, it’ll be a way to single out a member of the roster for his qualities and professional style in helping the media corps. Several other media groups around the country — including those who cover the Jets, Bills, Seahawks, Broncos, Bears, Browns and Ravens — have a similar honor. From this viewpoint, it’s high time that we instituted the same thing in New England. If you’re a betting man, the early odds favor the likes of special teams captain Matthew Slater, defensive end Rob Ninkovich and defensive back Devin McCourty, all of whom have distinguished themselves over the years as being excellent when it comes to taking the time to speak with the media. At the same time, the reputation of the likes of newcomers like Long, Bennett and Knighton could make them part of the conversation as well.

    Where do I even begin. So the Boston media morons are naming an award after a whiny bitch whose two major claims to fame are complaining about the lack of access after Pete Carroll left and the weekly hack job he would do on Bill Belichick because he somehow felt he was entitled to information rather than having to work to develop it. Further the award…an actual award…I am thinking plaque, gift certificate and accompanying ceremony is going to be given to a Patriots player who makes the media’s job easier. Either the NFL was out of participation trophies or the Boston media after 16 years still does not understand Bill Belichick and the Patriots way.

    Let me guess…the driving forces behind creating said exercise in mental masterbation were Shaliest Manza Young, Bert Breer, Ron Borges and the Boston Globe…all heavy weights in the self deluding world of look at me journalism.


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