It’s March, and while there will be Madness later this month, for local sports shock talkers, it’s a slow time right now. They can only insult Hanley Ramirez in so many ways, they can only insinuate that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have blown the season and deserve more heat than the Bruins a limited number of times, and while there is still the glee over the Patriots playoff loss, most people have moved on.

This space has been quiet, yes. I’m still adjusting to a new job and with family responsibilities, the site has taken a backseat. At this point, I’m really only writing opinion pieces when something comes up which I think needs to be addressed. It may remain that way for a while. I don’t see it ever going back to the daily links format. The advent of Twitter has really made that sort of thing moot, in my opinion. If you follow the right people, you’re going to see the content you want to see.

Yesterday’s Tom Brady/NFL hearing would usually be right up that alley. However, once I saw Judge Chin had said The evidence of the ball tampering here is compelling if not overwhelming.” I knew which way this thing was going. It’s discouraging that a Federal Judge has the same view on this as an uneducated sports radio host in Denver would have. In addition the NFL lawyers told a bold-faced lie in front of the Judges yesterday, and it was not picked up or questioned. 

Might want to hold off on those trade plans for Jimmy G. right now.

One further note, the site will be down over the weekend for a period of time while I migrate to a new host. There will be a few small changes, but most things should look pretty much the same. If you’ve left comments on posts this week here, they may not make it over to the new site. That should be about the only thing that you might have to complain about. 🙂

Thanks for sticking in there with me.

10 thoughts on “March comes in like a lion…

  1. no problem Bruce, this site is always better when you are writing a lot… but it’s still the best, “Media Watch” site around… and to tell ya the truth I don’t “watch” them much anymore.. they jumped the shark a long time ago… other than a SELECT FEW the Boston Sports Media is best off IGNORED


    1. Is there a way to edit the settings with this new format. View postings by newest first or oldest first that type of thing. I can’t seem to find a settings link. Also can you edit a post once made like we could on Disqus?


      1. Haven’t used it extensively but I don’t see a way. There’s a reason why people switch it out pretty quickly. The limited WP work I’ve done, it was already in the spec, and I didn’t think twice.


  2. So @mortreport was too sick to comment on Jim Brady’s ombudsman garbage earlier this week. Today, he’s relaying that Manning is retiring? What a recovery! Must be sharing some of that HGH.


  3. I had to go fetch a daughter last night around 9:00 pm and I was in the car for about an hour. I made the mistake of tuning in to ESPN radio which was being simulcast on WEEI…the name of the show was the Peyton Manning Retirement Special. They had Herm Edwards, Mark Schlereth and some other moron all waxing poetically about how Manning was the if not the greatest one of the greatest QB’s ever. I was all set to switch over to Sunday evening jazz while I looked for a telephone pole to wrap my car around when Schlereth decided to discuss the criticism that Manning choked in big games. Because Manning won 2 superbowls Schlereth dismissed the criticism and instead blamed the teams he was on. This allowed him to declare Manning the best QB in the modern era better than Brady because we all know Brady is a system game manager. I was laughing so hard I missed my exit.


  4. Is anyone attending the Manning Cannonization in Bristol, CT today after his retirement presser? Can I carpool with you? I’ll throw you some beer for gas $.



  5. I forgot who Jessica Moran was. Recall when I watched CSNNE, years ago, and going over 1y now w/o cable. What an absolutely amazing and dumb way to basically just throw away your entire career. Unless she moves to some place where they’re still considering the dial-up modem ‘new’, you’re done.

    If you want to read some absolutely vomit-worthy journalism. Bob Kravitz takes the crown today.


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